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2018 was all about exploring new places that were not very popular with tourists in the previous couple of decades so we did really have the chance to make our travelling experiences richer. We hung out in the heart of Africa, travelled to Australia, perhaps even saw the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, so now it’s time to explore an Asian country to its maximum. The best choice for this would be Vietnam, which is becoming more and more popular with tourists as we speak. If you planned to visit this spectacular country in 2019, you definitely need to do some homework beforehand as there are plenty of things to see and do there. These are the most important, and probably the most beautiful places in Vietnam, so make sure to remember them. A quick tip: Bring a camera along and a couple of power banks as everything is Instagram-worthy!


Get lost in Hanoi

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The first that you need to see is obviously the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. You can experience this spectacular place in two different ways – by either being accommodated in a hotel in a touristic part of the city, or opting for a more authentic option. If you choose the first one, you will be able to take different tours to see its most important historical landmarks while still enjoying classy restaurants and great coffee shops. The other way, however is to find a place to stay in the Old Quarter – the busiest and the most crowded part of the city. Since it could be pretty difficult to map the streets in your brain, getting lost is also an experience here – so bring a map if this experience is not up your alley. Mind the traffic as well, as it seems that everyone is riding a scooter so it could be quite challenging to cross the street!


Learn a bit about history in Saigon

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After spending some time in Hanoi, you should definitely visit Ho Chi Minh City, a place that lies along the Saigon river. This is the reason why it was formerly known as Saigon, and it served as the capital of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. There are so many different things to do in Saigon as this city offers everything – from seeing historical landmarks to great places to go out and have a nice lunch or dinner. One here, don’t miss out on the War Remnants Museum. You will also have the chance to crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels like the soldiers did during the war, but if you think that this experience might be a bit overwhelming for you, you can always visit the Saigon Zoo. This particular zoo is one of the 8 oldest in the world, making it an excellent thing to see. It’s also very cheap – the daily ticket costs less than $1.


Be mesmerized by Halong Bay

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If you’ve come to Vietnam in pursuit of great natural landscapes, then you should definitely include Halong Bay into the list of places to visit in Vietnam. This magical place will literally drive you crazy! The main activity to be done here is simply enjoying the nature, and if you’re bold enough you can also opt to go on a cruise around the 100 islands and be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views. Make sure that the weather in Vietnam can be quite unpredictable and it rains a lot, so it’s always a good idea to bring raincoats or have a back-up plan.


Step back in time in Hoi An

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Finally, if you’re a history geek then perhaps you might skin on everything we’ve said so far and make Hoi An your destination #1. This is the most important historical town in Vietnam. It’s located in the middle of the country and is surrounded by water and rice paddies which make this place even more magical and fairytale-like. This city is one of the few that haven’t been affected by the war, so it’s here where you can see the authentic Vietnamese architecture. Also, don’t miss out on exploring the UNESCO world heritage sites which are really spectacular, and see how China, France and Japan influenced old Vietnam.


Apart from all of these magnificent places, visiting Vietnam is a great idea for everyone who likes good food. Vietnamese dishes are definitely something that you have to try during your lifetime, so choose one of the best restaurants in whichever city or town you’re in and try the authentic cuisine of this great country. Convinced?

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