How to Make A Great Office Party


Being in charge of the office party planning can be challenging since you’ll have to live up to many people’s expectations and make certain everybody has fun. Aside from doing your best to prove yourself as trustworthy, responsible and well-organized, planning an office party can also instill a sense of employee pride in your company, strengthen relationships between colleagues and increase worker satisfaction and morale. Therefore, you need to make sure the party is successful, and this is how you’ll easily plan a festivity everyone will remember for a long time.

Good timing is everything

If you’re supposed to plan a Christmas party, it’s vital that you start with the preparations on time. For a party of 30+ people, you should start looking for the venue sometime in June. An off-site shindig will require booking a venue a few months in advance since Christmas is the busiest season for throwing celebrations. It’ll also be a good idea to let the employees know at least two weeks in advance about the date. Also, consider setting the date somewhere at the beginning of December instead of close to Christmas, because the end of the year can be quite stressful with all the deadlines and due work.

Bring on the entertainment

Providing everyone with a good time is the main goal of every party, so you need to make sure there is appropriate entertainment at the venue as well. Performers are always a great idea, but instead of hiring those that will have their act in one place, think about booking those that will mingle among the crowd. Games such as Family Feud, human chess and Simon Says will also be a lot of fun for all the employees. If you book a large venue, then you might even have a few game corners. Put a big screen for the video game lovers to enjoy in one part of the space, while you can have a food corner at the other, where you can have a contest in “build your own mini cake” game.

Stick to current trends

As various party planning experts from Sydney suggest, following the trends is always a good idea if you want to throw an outstanding office party. This is especially true when it comes to food and drink stations, so make sure that you offer your coworkers the best appetizers and look for the best corporate alcohol delivery in Sydney to ensure you’re having a vast choice of exquisite beverages. Interactive food stations with creative cocktails and mixologists at the bar will certainly leave everyone in awe, making this office party one for the books. If you’d like to serve a trendy alternative to cold cut platters, think about hiring a banh mi sandwich vendor who will come to the venue and make unique and customized food for your coworkers.

Pick a theme

Think outside the box and instead of making the party revolve around Christmas with all the red and green hues, consider picking a specific theme such as Oktoberfest, or the 1920s and have everyone dress in the spirit of Great Gatsby. If you opt for an off-site location, think about planning a party at a bowling alley. Recreational parks and even golf clubs are also a great way to socialize and celebrate a special occasion, and if you live in a warmer climate and will celebrate Christmas in short sleeves as Sydneysiders do, then an outdoor venue is a perfect option for various themes.

Support team building too

Using various opportunities to promote team building and make coworkers socialize is always beneficial for the team, so why not let your coworkers bond even more during an office party? It’s quite possible that many of your colleagues don’t even know each other, so making them engage in playing games or spending time at the creative food station is one of the great ways to offer them a good time and a chance to get to know each other properly. Throwing a party at an outdoor venue will be refreshing for their spirit, and at the same time, it’ll allow them to connect better while enjoying the scenery and exploring the outdoors.

Final thoughts

Planning an office party will require a lot of thought and meticulous organization, but if you make sure you start with all the preparation on time, you won’t have to stress about it too much. Also, make sure you notify everyone in timely fashion, allow coworkers to socialize during the event, offer them delicious food and beverages and hire good entertainment to throw the best office party your company has ever seen.

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