How to Maintain Your Relationships in a Good Way


We bet that the magical time of your honeymoon is still vibrant in your memory. It was the time when you and your life partner were fascinated by each other. You were mesmerized by everything she had to offer including your innate curiosity, initial sexual discoveries, offering you the opportunity to explore the uncharted skin and much more. You remember the excitement of building the relationship with your soul mate.

As the time move forward, it seems that the energy required maintaining that same intensity in your relation and appreciation become much harder to come by. This does not mean that you have lost interest in your partner. Some reasons for this situation includes stress of daily life routine, work and other friendships. Arrival of your offspring may also force you to de-prioritize the connection you once have with your wife or girlfriend.

The good news is that every relationship has its ups and downs. As instructed in psychology today, you need to swallow your ego and roll your sleeves to maintain a love affair that can last forever. We have compiled some of the best solutions offered by psychologists to recharge your relationship with enchantment and intrigue.

Why Relationships Lose Their Sheen

If you have any interest in gardening then you definitely know how important it is to pay close attention to your growing vegetation. A good gardener makes sure that each plant gets ample water and sunlight so that it can bloom. Same logic applies with relationships. You need to take good care of it, even when your workload or other priorities are pulling you in every direction, away from your life partner who likely misses your company.

These reasons can weaken your chemistry and connection with your partner. This is not the life you want to spend with spend with your life partner, especially when you are in love with him/her.

Your relationship can be less passionate if one or both of you failed to put in enough time and effort in it. The lack of interest will make you or your partner feel unimportant and disconnected from the other. You need some spontaneity and newness in your relation to broaden and grow your relation.

Why That Situation is Harmful

If you stop pushing one another against wall for hungry sex or stops flirting with your partner, your other relationship woes will also begin to fester. If you fail to keep your company interesting for your partner then both parties can start feeling dissatisfied with one another.

You don’t need to worry because there are ways to reawaken the spark that your relationship had lost. All you need is to acknowledge the situation and make a solid plan for its solution. Even the largest rifts between the relationships can be mend if the fate is on your side.

Maintain Your Relationships

Prioritize Your Relationship

It feels like winning a lottery if you find a partner which not only you can tolerate but adore. Don’t take that feat for granted. If you pay attention, you will realize that you still adore the qualities of your partner that attracted you initially but the negatives can also overshadow the positives of a situation.

The first step should be to shift the way of thinking and your actions. This step will create good vibes between you and your partner that brought you glued together. It is essential to keep your relationship interesting so that both of you feel emotionally, physically and intellectually engaged and does not feel the need to seek any of this with anyone else.

There are steps you can take to begin making your relationship more interesting. Here are some of the tips from experts to reignite the spark in your relationship.

Share New Experiences with your Partner

Your partner may share your favorite song, place, TV show or hobby but it is essential to step out of the plate and share new challenges with your partner to regain trust in one another. You don’t need to put extra effort in it, all you need is a new experience with your partner which can be trying a new restaurant, go sky diving, do a dance of painting class that breaks the dull routine and bring excitement in your life.

Show Interest

You must remember the starting period of your relation when you were curious about your partner and filled with questions about him/her. You want to know what makes her happy, excited or sad. What are your partner’s future goals or what are her desires. But with the passage of time you forget to inquire what is going on in your partner’s life.

One of the best way to make your relationship interesting is to show interest in your partner. You can begin with asking your partner how her day was and pay attention to the details when your partner is responding to your question. Show your interest in your partner by doing small things for her that matters to her like helping her with laundry or picking stuff from market if you know she does not have time to get.

Maintain Your Relationships

Reinvent Your Sex Life

You may have developed married life sex routines like lights go out, you kiss a little or oversized t-shirt and you go right into the position which you know your partner likes the most and you finish this routine with the grand finale. Following the same routine will make the best times of your married life dull and you will start to lose the excitement and joy that comes with healthy sex life. Try to discuss the position you want to try or the foreplay you feel is lacking for the better sexual satisfaction. Try to introduce sex games like domination with another girl or adult version of Truth or Dare to make it more interesting and fun.

Schedule Date Nights

This is a common knowledge that without the evening that forced you out of your home and comfort zone, your feelings will be few and far between. That is why experts encourage you to schedule a date night routine in your married life. This step will keep the passion and romance alive in your relationship and life. Also make sure on a date night you are fully present, which means no looking at cell phones, TV, laptops etc so that your partner can fully feel your focus, attention and emotion at that time.

Surprise Your Partner

Surprises are the ways that make your partner feel special and help you bond with her more effectively. You can present surprise gifts or parties on any special occasion in her life like birthday, wedding anniversary or an achievement by her. This is a way to show your partner that she is special for you and you are always thinking about her. You can even flame the excitement with your partner by just texting her sweet or naughty text throughout the day. Little gifts like flowers, chocolate or romantic cards can help you keep things interesting between you and your partner.

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