Kitchen Details That Reflect Your Personality


Individualized Kitchen Design


Kitchen design can be user-friendly, it can be unique, it can be surprising, it can be marketable, or it can be designed for you and you alone. You can go with expensive remodel, or you can go with a bare-bones approach providing storage options, basic preparation facilities, and little else.

What works best for you is going to be different than what works best for someone else. If you’re going to get the best results, you want to know what you’re looking for, firstly. Are you the type of person who hosts social gatherings in your kitchen, or do you avoid inviting people to your home at all costs? Your kitchen design should reflect this preference.

Following we’ll go over a few unique ideas for your kitchen that may interest you. Certainly, everyone has their own unique personality—even twins don’t think the same, or have the same personality. No two people are alike. You may or may not resonate with these ideas, but they’re certainly worth thinking about, and may serve to stimulate your imagination.

The Lazy Susan

A “lazy Susan” is essentially a turntable used for food presentation or storage. You can rotate it around and maximize storage. A lazy Susan is a stylish kitchen addition that maximizes storage space and represents a fine conversation piece. You can design and build one yourself, or commission one’s design to fit precisely in your kitchen.

There is an old movie called Fly Away Home, and one of the primary protagonists was a man who invented things. He built a home in Canada “into” the ground. It’s covered in grass and sits half-inside the earth, and half out of it.

He took the lazy Susan design idea and applied it to a refrigerator. A piston raises the refrigerator, keeping the cold beneath while you explore the food options above; maximizing convenience and energy. Here’s a video link, refrigerator at 6:55. He tried to do the same with a freezer, and it didn’t quite work; but the fridge model is jaw-dropping.

A Built-In Vacuum Dustpan

There’s no video or picture of this one, so you’ll have to use your imagination to visualize it; but it’s an interesting innovation. Essentially, you install a “vacuum” dust-pan at a strategic place in the floor.

It works like this: basically, you’ve got a big vacuum stored in a garage or closet. That vacuum has a hose which stretches to an inlet on the floor. You put a toe-switch on the inlet, sweep the floor toward the mouth, activate the switch, and the built-in vacuum sucks your sweepings into the bag, which is located wherever it’s convenient in your home. It can get clogged, build it so it can be serviced. Modular design and easy access make a lot of sense.

Storage Built-In To The Walls

Cabinets of the RTA, or Ready To Assemble, variety can be designed so they fit right into whatever architectural motif defines your home. You pick out your parameters online, order the cabinet, install it, and now you’ve got a feature to your home that cannot be replicated elsewhere. You can find some fine RTA solutions on this website,

An Island In The Center Space

Oftentimes a kitchen is in one corner, and a dining table is separate. However, you can design a wrap-around kitchen with storage and eating space right in the middle. Have you ever been to a Hibachi grill? Imagine a centrally-located half-moon raised table with storage beneath, and marble countertops.

Maximizing Your Appliance Profile


Toasters, microwaves, crockpots, dishwashers, blenders, refrigerators, freezers, juicer, and other preparation appliances make cooking easy, and can even make it fun. How many appliances you have, and how you use them, is going to depend on you. Some don’t like the effort involved in maintenance. Some don’t like how much more work is necessary otherwise.

Figure out which appliances you prefer. Design your kitchen to favor such appliances. That is to say, design it so you’ve got the space you need to use the appliances you are actually going to use.

Putting Yourself Into Your Kitchen

When your kitchen is maximized for eating, appliance use, and storage, incorporates unique options like a lazy Susan or a built-in vacuum, and matches your personal preferences, it’s going to be more comfortable. Additionally, it will likely add value to your home; provided you don’t spend too much in the remodelling process.

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