How To Find The Best Wedding Florist – Important Factors To Consider


How To Find The Best Wedding Florist – Important Factors To Consider

Hiring the best florist for your wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider when organising your wedding flowers, such as color scheme, suitable flowers, wedding theme and your budget.


But, a good floral designer, who has years of experience in arranging the wedding flowers. They can help you to save a significant amount of time for selection of flowers as you need and ensure your flowers are perfect for your wedding day. Also, they provide you peace of mind and ensure that all elements of your wedding arrangements have been taken care of properly.

Before choosing the best florists in London, here are some factors you need to consider:

When to start looking for a wedding florist?

Start thinking about a florist for your wedding as soon as possible. Most of the people contact the florist 6 to 8 months before their wedding date, but before 4 months of the date of your wedding is more than enough time to book the florist.

If you’ve found the best wedding florist who can make your dreams come true and want to secure them for your wedding date, give them some amount of money. Also, remember that the flower prices are changing day by day, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by choosing your wedding floral designer and placing your order in advance as well.

Where and How to start looking?

For choosing the best wedding floral designer, recommendations of your friend, relatives, and colleagues are very helpful. This is really a good place to start looking for the florist. You can also start looking for the florist to see the floral arrangements at your local weddings. You can ask those people who recently got married. Furthermore, you can explore internet and also look around in your local yellow pages.

Before finding the florist, you have to determine that which types of floral arrangements you need, how many numbers of floral items you want on your wedding day. Also, make a list of their general color and appearance. Take some examples of flower arrangements, types of bridal bouquets, decoration of center tables and many more ideas you can get from magazines or other publications.

Carefully choose the flower colors for your wedding according to your wedding theme where the floral arrangements will be displayed. After deciding all these things, make a list of the local wedding florists you want to visit and call them in advance to make an appointment.

Factors to consider while selecting a wedding florist

While selecting the best floral designer for your special day, you have to consider the three main factors such as price, quality of floral arrangements and services they provide in your budget. Most of the florists will show you their sample books of floral arrangements. This will help you to make your general selection relative to the size, type, and color of the blooms and their arrangements.

Some florists will show the real photos of their completed projects of flower arrangements while others will have stock photos provided by associations. It is much better if you can look at actual photos of their completed wedding arrangements. With the help of those actual photographs, you can assess the design, style, and level of their skills and their creativity.

Visit to the wedding florist

When you go to the local florist, make sure to take a list of floral items you want in your wedding and pictures of those flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, and decoration of center tables which you would have liked and taken from different magazines.

When visiting the florist shop, look at the items in their display cases. If the items in their display cases look fresh and of good quality and if you also like them, then it is usually a good indication that they provide the best quality products which will definitely make your wedding day very special for you and your partner.

The contract

After deciding all the floral arrangements for your wedding, ask your floral designer to make an agreement. What you ordered (types of flowers, the number of floral items and many other related things), how much amount you have already given to your florist and how much the rest amount you have to pay, ask them to include all these things in this agreement. Moreover, the agreement should also indicate the name of the specific floral designer, delivery locations & time, anything else you discussed with the florist.


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