How to Eat Healthy at Work


Eating healthy on the job can be challenging if your place of employment has a constant flow of unhealthy food circulating. Whether it’s donuts, bagels & cream cheese, chips, cookies, cupcakes, pizza, soda, fast food, takeout orders, or Starbucks runs etc. Sometimes it gets tempting and hard to avoid…BUT if you’re trying to eat clean and make fitness changes, passing those foods up is a must!

When I first started teaching, the faculty room was always filled with those types of food, and I found myself indulging in some of the snacks and lunch food runs. After a couple weeks I realized that if I kept this up, all my hard work of clean eating and working out was going to take a major hit and I’d be moving backwards…so NOT worth it!

Here are some ideas that have helped me to avoid unhealthy workplace food:

– Pack your own healthy lunch and snacks everyday…not only will this save you $, but it will help you avoid eating fast food and ordering from local spots.

– If you don’t have a lunch or if there’s a special occasion (i.e. birthday, holiday, etc.) at work, try to stick to your clean eating and pick a lunch spot that has healthy options.

-Avoid commonplace areas that are loaded with junk food…if you don’t see it, you won’t eat it!

-Keep a large water bottle with you and avoid drinking soda and high-sugar coffee drinks…make it your goal to finish it by the end of the day.

-Get people on board with clean eating and healthy options! Suggest different snack and lunch options people can try or bring some new choices in.

-Create a daily eating schedule so you know what to eat at what time so that you’re not eating additional workplace snacks. (I know what I’m eating at various times throughout my day…so helpful!)

-Just say no…be strong and remember your goals and healthy lifestyle!

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