Hourglass Body Shape – Find Out How to Achieve an Hour Glass Body Shape


Hourglass Body Shape – Find Out How to Achieve an Hour Glass Body Shape

Do you want that 36-24-36 inches of body measures? Do you want that hourglass body shape? No one would actually say NO to that especially women who are finding ways to get sexier and slimmer. Those figures are round and curvy. It has a well-defined waistline and fuller hips and bust. The shoulders and hips are equal in width. Can you just imagine if you have that “oh-so perfect body? You can be very seductive, classy and elegant. It can make you even looks so fabulous when you wear clothes fit for you defining every angle of your body. A woman’s bust, waist and hips are her physical points and these are used to define her basic shape. The bust is measured across the fullest part of a woman’s breasts across the nipple line. The waist is measured at the smallest circumference of the abdomen and the hips are measured at the largest part of the hips and buttocks. The perfect measurement of each is 36 (bust)-24(waist)-36(hips).

A body like that of an hourglass is the men’s dream figure for their girl, which is why, majority would say, the women’s biggest reason to have a beautiful body through diet and exercise, is the desire to be attractive in the eyes of men. Yes, reality tells us that men are after the women’s perfect curves. As such, all women dream to have it; however, not all are blessed to be given such curves not unless they have the money to correct it. There are a lot of aesthetic shops that offer wide variety of body changes. If you want to have a body like those of Kate Winslet’s, you may. You see, women would love to do everything for their body. Those who have a body like an hourglass, the only problem they can think of is on how to maintain it and what dresses/clothes that can be fitting to them that will emphasize their different body curves.

How To Dress Sexy With An Hourglass Body Shape:

This is such an irony that women with hourglass shapes try to hide their curves. They tend to wear clothes that do not fit them well. Instead of choosing big clothes to hide your shape, choose clothes to enhance what you have. Be proud of it! Have confidence in your dress and always stay with your best look.

Foundation First: A bra is the foundation to all your clothing. It is important to have a well-fitting bra, and if it doesn’t fit properly can make your clothes look terrible. Remember, a bra that fits well will show off your bust and lay a smooth basis for all your tops.

Show Off your Waist: An hourglass waist trainer gives you a well-defined shape. So you have to draw attention to your waist with a belt or a top with a fitted waist. This will emphasize your great asset. Do not be afraid to show off when you are having a small waist! Be thankful you have it as some people is having a hard time to achieve it. It is most flattering to pay attention to your smallest part of your body.

Tops and Pants: Tops for an hourglass shape body should be a V-neck style. It slim the neck and chest and will make you appear smaller and slimmer.

The best pant styles for an hourglass shape are:

  • Trousers
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Pants or jeans with flared bottoms
  • Pants that fit properly for you can make you more slim and sexy.

Skirts and Dresses:

Sexy women should choose skirts that emphasize their curves and flatten legs. Some styles to try include:

  • Pencil skirts
  • Wrap skirts
  • Wrap dresses
  • Some other figure flattering items are belted jackets, cardigans and wrap style coats.

Aside from the dresses for an hourglass figure, here are some tips to maintain your beautiful curve.

Visit the gym three to five days a week to do a half-hour of cardio exercise and another half for resistance training exercises that have something to do with weights and dumbbells.

Cardio will burn unnecessary calories and fats from your body.

  • It is advisable to perform varied exercises and focus on different areas every other day. Ask the physical trainers at the gym which machines they recommend to work on your thighs and buttocks, for your abs and for your lower arms for firming and toning.
  • Do 5 minutes of push-ups or less as long as you can.
  • Do abdominal crunches at home or on the gym. Crunch straight up and work your middle abdominal area for three repetitions of ten. Crunch your abdominal area to the right by holding your hands behind your head and bringing your left elbow towards the right side of your body. Remember, having a smaller abdominal area is the key to show off that hourglass body shape.
  • Go on a healthy planned diet. Cut out soda and sweets. Stick to drinking mostly water will reduce your waistline. Avoid processed foods with high salt intake. Avoid junk foods and any foods with high amount of fats and carbohydrates. Add more protein to your diet such as lean beef. Eat more fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber.

Guest Post by Henry Kingston

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