Hot Toddies and Hotties


I always joke when it’s cold outside about ordering a hot toddy. Probably because my grandma used to drink them. Well last night, the joke became a reality. Maybe it’s just my maturing taste buds, or the fact that I felt a tickle in my throat, but I’m seriously hooked for the winter.


I started to wonder why? Why NOW do I NEED hot toddies? And the answers just started coming to me much like the flirty bartender that told me it was no problem at all and he’d be happy to whip one up. What is it about sexy Woody Allen hipster glasses that do it for me?

Yummy. Yummy. Okay, back to Toddies.

  1. What’s not to love? Hot water, lemon, honey and WHISKEY. (You can also use brandy or rum) It’s so simple. Also something about jokingly ordering it in a low voice with a wink and a smile makes it even more enjoyable. Think Bea Arthur but more tranny.  
  1. When served in a brandy glass not only do you feel it warm the cockles of your heart, but chilly little paws also get some love.
  1. Old thought believes them to have healing powers for the common cold or flu.  I say Grandma knows best.
  1. It’s nearly impossible to drink them fast, so you are able to savor your whiskey drink instead of taking that trip to “I feel too confident too fast. Here’s my number hot hipster bartender, and next time I lean over the bar you may see nipple” land.
  1. Depending on the company you keep you may actually gain a look of appreciation for stepping out of the vodka-soda-splash-of-cran comfort zone. Then again you may just get a “Hello? What are you 80?’  In that case…choose new friends.


I say try a toddy, love a toddy, and stay all night by the fire in that bar you can find a fire at. And at the end of the cozy evening, give that sexy bartender a big ol’ tip for making hot drinks for you all night. Then add on your number and maybe draw a picture of your boobs. This is what grown-ups do.





-Marie Lively
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Marie Lively

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  1. I hear Irish Coffee is another drink best served warm as well.

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