Holiday Gift Ideas for the Wellness Guru in the Family


Everyone has that one person in the family that’s a little bit new age, doesn’t eat meat, and has a kitchen cupboard full of supplements and spices you didn’t know existed. Every morning they make a green smoothie for breakfast, and their house resembles an old-fashioned greenhouse because there are so many plants. Not to mention that overwhelming patchouli scent. Let’s face it — your family member is a peace-loving, earth-adoring, health and wellness guru. 

The question that’s probably on your mind is what’s an appropriate holiday present to give to your new age loved one? They’re not the kind of consumer who follows the latest technology or fashion trends. While being more down to earth and unconventional might limit some holiday gift choices, there are many incredible things to choose from for your free-spirited family member, from books to essential oil aromatherapy to skincare.

Books on Nature 

Most of the time, health-conscious people are also nature lovers. If your loved one is a vegetarian or vegan, they probably care deeply for the environment and enjoy spending quiet time in all the beauty that nature has to offer. Check out Indigo for the best-selling nature books available. You might want to consider Braiding Sweet grass by Robin Wall Kimmerer — an exploration into the lives of plants and ancient traditions.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 

If there’s one thing earthy folks love, it’s aromatherapy with essential oils. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment — using plant based essential oils — to promote health and overall well-being. Have you ever visited a Saje store in your local shopping mall? Just one step inside, and you’ll feel instantly relaxed and overwhelmed with beautiful scents. Consider gifting your beloved hippie an essential oil diffuser from the wellness shop. They carry an extensive collection of decorative home diffusers and a wide range of essential oils.

Diffusers make any room in the house smell amazing and can cause people to feel happy, relaxed, or sleepy — based on the oil’s ingredients. You plug them in, put a few oil drops with some water inside, and wait as the lovely scent permeates through the air. Your family member will appreciate such a gracious, calming gift.

Vegan Body Cream

Did you know that The Body Shop carries a vegan skincare line? If your pal prefers plants over animals, then you might want to hit up some Body Shops near you. Furthermore, all of their products are cruelty-free.

Visit a Shopping Guide Website

Still don’t’ know what to get or where to go to find the perfect gift for your family member? Check out Shopping Canada — your online guide to the best health and wellness retailers and all that’s in between. You’ll find retail centre hours and locations, and all your shopping needs for the festive season.

Your health and wellness family member deserves something incredible this holiday. Try one of those unique gifts, and consult your online guide to know where to get it and when. Your loved one will cherish the thoughtful gift for a long time to come.

Cassie Brewer
Cassie is a women's health and beauty writer who enjoys writing for all ages. She aspires to open her own beauty boutique in Italy one day, and hopes you enjoy this article!

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