A Gift Guide for Older Parents and Grandparents


A Gift Guide for Older Parents and Grandparents 

The season for gift giving can be difficult for some. You are tasked with buying gifts for many different age groups, personality types, and relationships. Our older loved ones can be especially difficult to buy gifts for. Short of providing hordes and hordes of grandchildren and great grandchildren for them, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for them during the holidays. When brainstorming ideas, there are a few tips to keep in mind to find the perfect gift for your older parent or grandparent for the holidays.

Make it Yourself

Not every parent or grandparent is the same, but at some point many of our older loved ones appreciate the sentiment of a gift over the price of a gift, and there are few things more sentimental than a gift that you make yourself. Even if you aren’t a DIY master you can find a gift you can make yourself. You can mix practicality with DIY by making soap or a sugar scrub. Custom coffee mugs, bath bombs, or candles are all craft project options for you to create for your loved one that they will appreciate on a practical scale and a sentimental scale.

Gifting a Hobby

Some beautiful yarn for someone that knits, some tools for a carpenter, gloves for a gardener, personalized cards for someone that likes games, or a new puzzle for someone that enjoys puzzles are basically guaranteed gifting wins. Gifting a new hobby is trickier, but it’s exciting to possibly offer someone a new fun activity is exciting. Just be sure to align with their interests and age. Gift a gift certificate for a yoga class along with a yoga mat if your loved one enjoys being active. Gift a paint and sip night to have a night to paint and drink wine for someone who is creative and might enjoy a painting hobby.

Make a Connection

When we get older the connections we have with our loved ones mean more than anything materialistic. When you’re considering a gift for an older loved one, consider a gift that will connect them with you or with others. A smart phone with FaceTime capabilities, a grandkid’s day where you all take a trip to the zoo with them, or a paid trip for you to visit them or them to visit you if you live far away are all great gifts that will connect your family member to their favorite part of any holiday: sharing it with you and other loved ones.

Think Practical

Clutter or gimmicky gifts just find their way into a junk drawer or stored in a closet, so when you’re struggling with a gift, try to find something they will be able to use on a consistent basis. If your loved one enjoys cooking, buy them a cookbook stand or a spice collection. If they enjoy being in their yard or gardening, gift them with a starter plant that repels pests. Buy them a gift card for an oil change, schedule a cleaning service to clean their home, or some good pairs of socks. Some of these gifts might not be very flashy but they are useful.

Share a Memory

A gift that shares a memory will touch on the sentimental importance of a gift for your parent or grandparent. Photos are great gifts that are extremely versatile and can be used to make an ornament, wall art, a coffee mug, notebook, or a calendar. Make a photo book of grandkids, photocopy all of the letters and newspaper clippings that are important to them and turn them into an album, or make a collection of letters from all of the important people in their life telling them they love them. It may be cheesy and sappy, but parents and grandparents love that kind of stuff.

Ideally there’d be a gift guide specific to each person so that buying the perfect gift for your mom or your grandma was easy and perfect. For the older loved ones in our lives, they are just as different from us as they are from each other making the gift giving season a stressful one. Decide if your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc. would love something you made for them or if they’d rather have something practical. Perhaps they are looking for a new hobby, would love to FaceTime with their grandkids before bed, or if they’d like a memory book. And if all else fails, just give them another grandkid.


Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

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