Circuit training is a BIG part of my fitness regime. It helps me maintain my physique and has helped build up my stamina, both physically and mentally. I always feel strong and toned after a workout! You can have circuits be your whole workout for the day, or have it be a piece of your workout. There are great benefits to circuit training, and if you’re not doing circuits already, here are some reasons why your body would love it, how to set one up, and tips!


5 Reasons to Incorporate Circuits into your Fitness Routine:

1. Circuits work multiple muscle groups for a balanced, TOTAL BODY workout. (strength, resistance, plyometrics, core, and cardio)

2. Circuits are SHORT and SWEET, only 15-30 minutes! It only takes a short period of high energy and effort to get great results. For a challenge, you can make it up to 45 minutes to an hour.

3. You’re getting your HEART RATE up for great cardiovascular benefits.

4. LOSE weight, burn body fat, and build lean muscle- all with the same workout. You even BURN calories (“afterburn”) after you’re done training.

5. It’s FUN! You’re constantly on the move to the next exercise so you don’t get bored. They are also easy to put together.


How to Set Up a Circuit:

Here’s a link so you can get an idea of how to put together a circuit. If you’re new to circuits, a good pace may be to start with 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds to rest and get ready for the next exercise. You can bump it up to 1 minute of work once you build your stamina a little or need more of a challenge. A good number of sets to start with could be 6-8 rounds per circuit. For example, your interval timer might look like this: sets- 8, work time- 30s, rest time- 10s. There are a lot of fun exercises you can incorporate so get creative. After you make it through the full circuit, take a minute to catch your breath and grab some water. Then get ready for the next one!


Helpful Tips:

-The goal is to imitate sports training, so focus on intensity over quantity.

-Don’t be afraid to use heavier weights since the goal is intensity. You’re working for a shorter amount of time so bump up those weights! It should be challenging.

-If you’re able to chat easily while doing this, you’re probably not working hard enough.

– You don’t need fancy equipment so you can do a circuit at home if you can’t make it to the gym.

-You should not be dizzy or faint. Stay hydrated and safe.

-The exercises will be timed instead counting reps. You will need a timer, but there are also some great interval timer apps that you can download on your phone that are easy to use (i.e. Nike Boom, SIT- Sports Interval Timer, etc.).




Tiffany Angulo
Born and raised southern Californian. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters.
She wants to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, and to feel & look good.

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