How to Get More Energy at Work


When you have a tough day at work, everyone gets exhausted at some point and it greatly affects your mood and performance for a day or two. It’s not just the (at least) 8-hours workday that drains your energy, but also the time you spend commuting to work, stressing about a variety of problems, not sleeping or eating well, and some others. A lot of people ignore these causes believing that they can’t affect their days to such a degree, but they’re gravely mistaken. You shouldn’t ignore the things that drain bits of your energy every single day, as that can have long term consequences on both your health and carrier. Here you can find some tips on how to preserve your energy and have a wonderful day at work.

Sleep well

When you get a good night’s sleep, you let your body rest and recover from all the work it’s done earlier. Also, when you’re satisfied with the quality of your sleep, it will affect your positive emotions and lead to greater energy levels that will keep you running. You have to start your day rested and energized, so you could keep that energy flowing throughout the whole workday. Consider setting your alarm 10 to 15 minutes earlier than usual and use that time to prepare yourself mentally for all the daily tasks that are waiting for you.

Eat healthily

You should never skip your meals, but you shouldn’t eat junk food all the time either. Breakfast is especially important for your body, as it helps you refill the necessary nutrients that will boost your energy from the start. Having a small, healthy breakfast will help you accomplish great things at work because it will keep you full until lunch-time and you won’t need to reach out for snacks. Consider drinking a glass of warm water mixed with some lemon to detoxify your body and give it a mineral boost. You can have some bananas, almonds, eggs or oatmeals after that to get you ready for the day.

Intake some caffeine

Everyone knows that caffeine gives you a short-term energy rush, which is exactly what you might need after the lunch break. A coffee break will improve your productivity, as you can use it as a social activity and get reenergized for the rest of the day. Caffeine increases your focus and alertness, which is really helpful at the time when everyone’s attention starts dropping. Even better, you can change your habits and start drinking green tea, which has more benefits than coffee. It’s low in caffeine, so you won’t develop an addiction. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get as much energy or focus, as it has L-Theanine, an amino acid that improves attention, memory, and other cognitive abilities. It relaxes muscles and provides stress relief. You choose.

Get enough exercise

A lot of people spend their workdays in front of their screens, not moving an inch, except when they go to the toilet or on a lunch break. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can certainly affect your energy levels, make you feel more tired than you actually are, and affect your overall health. A really simple solution is to get as active as you possibly can. If your company has access to a dedicated corporate personal trainer, then just join the program and give your body all the exercise it needs. You will shake that fatigue out of your body, get into shape, and keep your health in check. You can also stretch or do some workouts at your desk whenever you have a few minutes for a short break. Don’t forget yoga or meditation, as they also do wonders. Invite some colleagues to join you, get rid of stress together and build some teamwork.

Take a break

Taking a short break is quite important if you want to keep your performance on the optimal level. Consider taking a power nap or going for a walk whenever you can sneak out for 15 to 30 minutes. If you spend most of the day in the office, that heavy atmosphere can greatly affect your mood, energy levels, and performance. Consider having your lunch out where you can breathe in some fresh air, get rid of mental fatigue, improve your mood and take care of the accumulating stress. Walking will help you keep your body healthy and you’ll let it absorb its daily dose of vitamin D. 

It’s not an easy feat to keep your energy high when you have to push through a long day of back-breaking work. Everyone has their moments when they feel sluggish and drained like zombies. To avoid that, use these tips to take care of your body and keep your energy in check.


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