Fabulous Gifts That Every Woman Secretly Wants


Fabulous Gifts That Every Woman Secretly Wants

There are very few women in your life that aren’t fond of thoughtful and personal gifts. Even the ones that tell you they don’t need anything, or even tell you to get them something practical don’t truly mean it – even when they think they do. No one is immune to the joy a gorgeous gift box can bring, and when you do envision amazing and imaginative presents, they tend to cause happiness to you too, after all, there is nothing greater than giving.

So, if the special and dear women in your life have a birthday coming up, they’re going through a rough breakup or they’re deliriously happy, these are all reasons to put your imagination to use and celebrate the ladies in your life. If your inspiration is running low, you’re in luck because we have the most amazing suggestions you won’t be able to resist!

One in a million


Nothing says ‘I love you, you’re my best friend’ like a set of personalised friendship bracelets. Celebrate your gal’s life and solidify your friendship with a gorgeous unique bracelet that contains tiny symbols of all the most important milestones of her life. Not only will she love the very design and be proud to wear it as it’s a constant reminder of her strength but her love and appreciation for you will skyrocket. After all, giving something like this means you have a deep knowledge and understanding, not to mention the appreciation of her.

A box full of joy

We all have at least one (if not multiple) girls in our lives who are the epitome of a makeup junkie. This is the girl who loves nothing more than to test out new goodies, play with products and learn new techniques. For this girl, a box full of her favorite products is just what the doctor ordered.

Start with a killer shade of lipstick by her go-to lippie brand, and then move on to the very latest craze in the makeup world – a shimmer skinstick by Fenty Beauty. Show her some additional love by throwing in a couple of amazing personalised gifts that will make her jump for joy. One such gift can be a personalised nail polish by Say it with Polish, which allows you to create custom shades with just a few clicks. This will definitely show her that you know her taste and the names of the polishes are cute and whimsical, too.

Finish things off with a great foundation brush and of course, add an additional personal touch by placing it all in a gift box you made with your own two hands.

The jet-setter

For the girls who, when she isn’t travelling is daydreaming and planning her next trip, a carefully curated travel-lifesaver set is in order. You first want to find a great set of headphones that will make those flights more interesting and shorter.

A gorgeous cotton scarf is right behind, followed by a personalised planner in which she can note down all her thoughts and must-see places. A makeup bag with all the travel-size necessities is also in order – tiny moisturizer, mist (you know how that cabin can suck out the moisture from the skin), a tiny deodorant and hand cream. Finish things off with the Getaway Passport holder and again, make sure the packaging is cute and personal. She will be in awe when she opens it.

The dreamer

That friend who’s never caught without a great book in her hands and carries one in her purse at all time, the choice is clear. A passionate book lover will go crazy over the latest additions to her personal library. Still, she would love them even more if they’re special – special editions that is.

Penguin books has the most gorgeously luxurious editions you’ll ever see, and these are every book lover’s dream. If you truly want to make that special someone happy, a set like this by their favorite authors will have them screaming for an hour and then hugging you for one hour more. She won’t know whether to read them or make a shrine for them, and you will have earned some serious friendship points.


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