The Environmental Benefits of Car Sharing


In case you aren’t familiar with the concept, car sharing is when two or more people join to travel together by car. It can be either formal, by using an organized car share scheme, or informal, which often includes friends or colleagues traveling to work together. Just keep on reading to learn more about the environmental benefits of car sharing. Enjoy!

Fewer cars mean fewer emissions

The first benefit of car sharing is more than obvious as fewer cars on the road mean fewer emissions. Everyone knows that carbon emissions trapped in our atmosphere result in global warming that causes climate changes. These have a wide range of dangerous side effects, such as the melting of the polar ice caps, the rising of sea levels, extreme weather events, the disturbance of animals’ natural habitats, and many more. 

However, there are ways to reduce our gas emissions, and car sharing is one of them. By sharing a car with your friend or a coworker, there will be fewer cars in the streets that produce harmful gases. Bear that in mind and share a car with your colleague!

There will also be fewer oil and petrol purchases

When there are fewer cars on the roads, there will certainly be fewer oil and petrol purchases as well. This is extremely important simply because oil and petrol are some of the biggest polluters of the environment. It gets even better when you realize that a lot of car sharing companies have electric cars in their fleets. These are much more environmentally-friendly than cars that run on gas or petrol. 

Here’s a comparison: a car that runs on gas emits 24 pounds of greenhouse gases (GHGs) per every gallon of gas. Around 80% of these come straight out of the tailpipe! On the contrary, electric cars create no emissions from their tailpipes. When compared with similar gas vehicles, these produce fewer GHG emissions, which is exactly why you should opt for these!

Less pollution from manufacturing is another amazing benefit

The entire concept of car sharing is based on using fewer cars – we’ve already figured that out. It is gaining more and more popularity all across the world, including Australia – and it has so many advantages one of which is less pollution from manufacturing. As more and more people choose to share cars, they will utilize one vehicle over and over again, which results in fewer cars that need to be manufactured. 

Some experts even claim that vehicle manufacturing is much more damaging to the environment than steel making and livestock farming. So, if you want to make a change and make a contribution in saving the planet, opt for a car share Sydney and you’ll do a great thing!

There will be more green space and less parking infrastructure

Fewer cars on the streets also mean that there will be no need for building parking infrastructure. We are all witnesses of numerous cities destroying their parks and green surfaces for the sake of building new parking garages and lots. This is a truly devastating fact that can bring more harm than good in the long run. 

To prevent that, choose to share a car with your friends or coworkers and make a small difference that can result in a huge positive change. You may also be able to save a local park or a kids’ playground thanks to this decision, so don’t forget that either!

It can result in more walking, biking, and using mass transit

Once you change your mindset and become more aware of how can your actions affect the environment, it’ll be much easier for you to become more environmentally-friendly. Car sharing obviously is the first step, but you can go even greener in the near future. 

It can encourage you to walk more, ride a bike, or take the bus or subway. This is particularly true for shorter distances, as using your car to travel for 2 or 3 miles simply is ridiculous and unnecessary. So, start your lifestyle change with car sharing and then proceed with other healthy habits!

As you can see, car sharing has so many amazing environmental benefits you must be aware of. These five are the best ones of them, so bear them in mind and change your mindset. It’s about time you started to think about the environment, so don’t wait any longer and take the first step!

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