How To Enjoy Your First RV Camping Experience


If you make into your thirties without ever camping, you owe it to yourself to get out doors. However, you might want to try camping in an RV before trying to make through the night in a tent. Taking a camping trip in an RV can be a great experience. As a first time RV camper, you have the ability to travel anywhere in the country. However, if you want to have a good time, you need to prepare accordingly. Keep in mind some of the following key factors prior to going on your first RV camping trip.


Get To Know Your RV


When you travel on your first RV, you probably have every intention of using it for a great camping trip. It is essential to know some of the major features of your RV prior to your trip. These include the size of your gas tank, weight limits, and power sources. It also helps to know how to use all the inside features such as the shower, toilet, kitchen appliances, and any other electronic devices. Verify that you are covered by a plan like Good Sam RV Extended Warranty. If any repairs need to be made, this will help you save time and money during your trip. By doing so, you are less likely to run into issues or will know how to take care of them if you do. You should also take RV for a practice drive to get familiar with various terrains, switching lanes, breaking, etc. This way you will feel completely comfortable on your journey ahead.


Plan Your Route


Your first RV camping trip route or destination should be well planned. The idea of “winging it” doesn’t work too well when you find yourself going the wrong direction to your campsite. Make sure you plan your route prior to heading out on the road. You will want to make reasonable choices about the amount of time you will drive along with any stops you may have to make along the way. This will make your road trip affordable and enjoyable. You can use a GPS system to help guide you while driving. However, you should also have a paper map or atlas available as back up. Keep in mind, the different types of terrains or weather you may encounter along the way so that you and your RV are ready for them.


Pack Light & Smart


An RV camping trip is a ton of fun for everyone involved. Depending on the size of your RV, you are only able to carry a certain amount of extra weight without putting your vehicle at risk. This means that you and friends or family must pack lightly in terms of clothes, toiletries, linens, and anything extra that may be needed. Remember to keep in mind when and where you are headed so that you pack the essentials. For example, if you’re heading north during the winter season, you will probably want everyone to be equipped with coats instead of shorts. You also want to bring a good portion of food and products to use while on the road. This will help you save money and not have to continuously make stops along the way to eat. 


Research Campsites


Unless you need to get over a broken heart, the whole purpose of your trip is to check out some awesome destinations. Make sure you research the locations you will be stopping at and see what kind of campgrounds they may or may not provide for an RV. You will also want to have a campsite checklist prepared so that at each camp site you won’t miss anything when setting up. Some campsites require you to make a reservation prior to your stay or park in a certain area based on the size of your RV. Keep in mind your arrival and departure times since most campsites keep certain hours of accessibility. 


Have A Backup Plan


Like most road trips, things don’t always go as you plan. So, it is essential to have a backup plan for all portions of your trip. This includes “emergency” hotels or pit stops, extra food, first aide kits, and extra spending money for anything else needed to be purchased. You should also have an alternate route mapped out in case of weather or other detours that you may encounter. No matter what happens, a backup plan can guarantee a great trip overall. 


In the beginning, your first RV trip might seem overwhelming. However, once you and your RV are all set to hit the road, you’re bound to have a great time. Prepare for your trip using the steps above and you will have an enjoyable trip. Even if things don’t go according to plan, You will have a backup plan with plenty of supplies and open road to continue your journey.


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