Drop that A$$: Hard Summer ’13 Recap

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This weekend’s Hard Summer Music Festival was all about the dancing, making this an event more about popping that a$$ and less about that molly. The sold out two-day event featured some of the most eccentric and entertaining performances you can imagine in one place, and I was fortunate enough to make it on Sunday.

The day started in tragedy. My friends and I miscalculated our public transportation plans. Three digested beers, two busses, and one drug peddler later, we realized that our bus was not coming…that’s LA for you! A few calls later and we finally made it to China Town.

Once at the LA Historic Park I was overwhelmed with all the booties hanging out of booty shorts- another sure sign you’re in LA. We immediately jumped into the crowd where Breakbot was performing and I entered bliss! There’s nothing like a breezy summer day in LA and some funky tunes being played on a keyboard by a Jesus look-alike. After a little foot work and singing along to “Baby I’m Yours,” we headed over to the Beer garden for some over priced beer. The best part about the beer tent was the dj playing across from it- Flosstradamus. I’ve never heard of him, but if you don’t know this about me there’s a little ghetto fabulous in me and I couldn’t have chugged that beer and sprinted over faster when I heard “I woke up in a new bugatti.” Flosstradamus most definitely put my bootie short to good use (yes, I wore them too- I’m in LA bitches).

After burning off the beer we headed over to watch Empire of the Sun as the actual sun set! After watching them at Hard Fest I can no longer contain my love for them. I feel so fortunate to finally see them perform! They are the circ de soleil of music; you get it all, great dancing music, a theatrical performance and amazing costumes. They recently dropped their new song “Alive,” and I am so ecstatic to have their latest album drop.

The twerk fest was not over because we still had Dillion Francis to watch. Dillion Francis is a rising star in the dj world and he wants to make sure we all know this…. Throughout his entire goofball performance the screens lit up with archaic GIFs of cakes, cats and other cartoons with his face on them, and on top of that he continuously yelled “you love this don’t you!” and “oh I know you so well, don’t I!” His performance was very reminiscent of having sex with the self-absorbed jock- very good, but good for just that one time…

Finally, there couldn’t be a more perfect ending to this festival than watching Justice and their epic white cross light up the dark stage. By this point we were all just sort of moving back and forth rather than dancing, but with Justice that’s all you need to do. But the little bit of energy that I had conserved completely spilled out of me at the end when everyone screamed the lyrics to “we are your friends.”


This late post is an obvious sign of just how long of a post-festival recovery  I needed after being overwhelmed by all the good music.  Thank you Hard Festival, Live Nation, and the djs who played for making this yet another successful festival!










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