by Tiffany Angulo

We all have those days that we just don’t feel like driving to the gym- whether it be because it’s raining out, had a long day, you’re with the kids at home, or just plain lazy. Why not get a great body weight/cardio workout at home! You don’t need any weights, just yourself, a mat, and a timer. I created this workout for days that I want a 25-30 minute home workout without using equipment.

For this workout, you want to work at a cardio pace with no breaks during the circuit. You want your heart rate up and to keep moving. Try to do as many as you can with good form during that one-minute without stopping. Have your timer handy so you can make that quick transition from cardio to pushups (goal is to have no more than 5 seconds between transitions). When you’re doing your pushups, your goal is to NOT do “girl pushups.” Ladies, off those knees and do the pushups on your toes! You get the full benefits of pushups when you do them correctly. If you find yourself absolutely spent and you can no longer do the pushups toward the end of the circuits, hold a high plank or a low push up for 30 seconds instead.

Give it a try and have a fabulous home workout! If your significant other or friend is home, do it together! Enjoy breaking a sweat!

Circuit: (complete entire circuit 3x/ 1 minute rest at the end of each completed circuit)

Jumping Jacks (1 minute)

10 pushups

Sprawls (1 minute)

10 pushups

Mountain Climbers (1 minute)

10 pushups

Jump Squats (1 minute)

10 pushups

High Knees (1 minute)

10 pushups

Split Lunge Jumps (1 minute)

10 pushups

Jumping Jacks (1 minute)

• If you regularly workout and need a challenge, instead of 10 pushups, do 30 seconds of pushups and go for as many as you can do during that time. Also, you can switch up the type of pushups that you are doing during each set.
• Safety first! If you have any injuries or health issues, adjust the workout accordingly. Substitute certain movements for others if needed.
• Take your water break during the 1-minute rest in between sets and not during the circuit if possible. Avoid drinking a lot of water since you will be jumping and moving around. Just a couple sips instead.
• Keep good form. If you need to see what some of these types of workouts look like…look them up online to make sure you’re doing them right.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! Also, follow me on twitter @tiffla83

Tiffany Angulo

Born and raised southern Californian. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters. She wants to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, and to feel & look good. IG: @theprettylittlelifters

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