Designer Tips for Giving Your Garden a Makeover


If you made a resolution to spend more time outside this year, now is the perfect time to give your garden a little makeover. A touch here and a touch there will help you boost your outdoor space style and provide you with the luxury and comfort you crave. So, here are a few easy yet effective designer tips that will help you make over your garden.

Boost your greenery game

The best and easiest designer tips to spruce up your garden is to boost your greenery game. Your outdoor space needs to be chic and welcoming for all visitors, so wow them with a selection of colorful pots. Today you can find all sorts of containers in a variety of materials, but if you want to play safe and leave a sophisticated impression, opt for terracotta or glazed pots. Make sure your pots are big enough to fit the scale of your house and garden. Small containers tend to fade into the background when surrounded by all the outdoor space.

Containers are perfect even for growing small trees and shrubs, so make sure to break the monotony of flowering plants with a clipped evergreen such as Ilex crenata or Phillyrea latifolia. When the spring comes, tulips and narcissus will add some seasonal flair to your shrubs and winter stems. All in all, go for potted plants and you will achieve a huge effect in no time.

Tend to your plants

No matter what you do with pots, furniture and other decoration, you will never achieve the desired effect if you have an overgrown lawn and greenery. In this day and age, you have no reason to have a shabby lawn and towering trees when there are so many practical tools out there. Have a broken mower or trimmer? With providers such as Green Acres Mowers, you can even get your parts, tools and protective gear delivered to your house, so you can bring your equipment to life (there are great repair tutorials online) and give your greenery the attention it deserves.

Improve your furniture

After a few years, your outdoor furniture is bound to look a bit tired and shabby, so why not breathe some new life into it? You can rent a pressure washer and remove all dirt and gunk and then apply a fresh coat of paint. Opt for a color that will fit in with your plants and give your furniture some pop with colorful cushions, throws and tableware. If your furniture can’t be saved, you can opt for new and stylish loungers that will lend a sense of sophistication to your space, or choose something fresh and fun like striped deckchairs that will transport you to the coast of the Mediterranean in the blink of an eye!

Create a cozy outdoor dining space

There’s nothing more chic than al fresco dining, especially in the past few years. So, if you want to boost the practicality of your garden, equip it with a cosy dining space. A set with a table and chairs will give your garden a sense of luxury and sophistication and ensure all your parties are a total success. If you don’t need a full dining table, but still love to have an occasional snack outside, install a fire pit. These are perfect for late-night talks while roasting marshmallows and sipping wine.

Style it up with tiles

Ceramic tiles are not exclusively reserved for indoor spaces anymore! Incorporate some ceramic tiles into your seating area for a bold touch of style. Think geometric patterns or interesting floral designs that will create a strong focal point and wow everyone who steps into your garden. Tiles are also very easy to keep clean—just wipe them every once in a while and your space will look tidy and clean at all times. You can add a touch of warmth and comfort to your tiles with outdoor rugs. These are also perfect if you have young kids, so they can play on the soft rug while you enjoy your afternoon cup of coffee outside.

Add some privacy

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors or even have a summer staycation, you’ll need some privacy to keep the prying eyes away from your garden. Tall potted plants, especially evergreens, offer great privacy that’s also super attractive (unlike regular fencing). You can also put up a few trellises for climbing plants. These will create beautiful living walls and block all unwanted views to your garden. If you want to retain the sense of openness and airiness in your space, you can designate a small privacy zone by covering your pergola or gazebo with light curtains. These will provide just enough privacy to feel comfortable and allow you to enjoy your open garden.  

Introduce these design ideas to your garden and you’ll want to spend every waking moment surrounded by greenery and comfort in your outdoor space. Fresh air and sunshine will definitely make you feel healthier and happier, especially when combined with a view of your gorgeous garden!


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