Dating Mary Jane: Cannabis Matchmakers Are a Thing


It’s totally a thing! And why not? If you can find a match by your faith or fetish, why not someone to smoke it up with?

Cannabis for many goes beyond recreation and medicinal properties. The herb has quite literally changed the lives of many people, and it may also be included in a shamanic faith or in one’s livelihood as a supplier. Cannabis is a vital lifestyle choice for many people.

When Will Cannabis Become a Recognized Lifestyle Choice?

As the great wide web is encouraging people to open up about their romantic preferences, many individuals get very specific to find the one perfect person. That may mean a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship or searching for a partner that will truly be accepting of other hard to find traits or habits.

Cannabis consumers face particular challenges and self-doubt when it comes to putting themselves out there because of the stigma surrounding marijuana. Once considered taboo, and something that “hippies do,” cannabis has gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. Yet, cannabis is closer to becoming a recognized lifestyle choice.

Medical marijuana has made great strides with success stories of providing relief for patients across the country and the world. This has encouraged others more comfortable to research the facts about cannabis consumption. Patients have viable sources to turn to in times of need and are protected by HIPAA during their physician’s visit for medical marijuana. Many people have shared their stories, encouraging more laws to pass for medical usage of the plant.

As more states approve the medicinal use of marijuana, laws around recreational use are slowly becoming more lenient. This allows more free range for cannabis aficionados to find the affection meant for them and seek out their stoner sweetheart.

Meet the Marijuana Matchmaker

If television shows like “The Bachelorette” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker” can normalize reality dating in niches over fancy cocktails at some chic location, why can’t meaningful relationships over cannabis be found away from the camera?

Are you a high roller, income and cannabis wise, looking for love? Why not meet your sweetie over a marijuana-themed mixer?

One marijuana enthusiast, entrepreneur and dating coach, Molly Peckler at Highly Devoted Coaching, has started a marijuana matchmaking service. She’s a longtime advocate of the plant’s medicinal properties and its ability to help people connect in an intimate and friendly environment.

If you’ve ever experienced social anxiety, you can personally relate to the fact that a little bit of cannabis goes a long way to helping you open up in social circumstances. It’s challenging to open up to others, period, not to mention when it comes to talking about your cannabis consumption.

Have You Come Out of the Green Closet?

You may also be shy about coming out of the green closet, too. How the heck are you going to find your green gal or guy in the dark, if you don’t step out there?

It’s likely because you’ve faced stigma from a partner in the past due to your consumption of cannabis. It’s time to face the fact that you need to be with someone with a similar passion for cannabis. If that’s unacceptable, then that’s your deal breaker.

Some people like to pull the weeds from their garden, without realizing their medicinal and beneficial soil properties. Some people like a lawn that’s expected and clearly defined. That’s not you or your future partner. Not all weeds are bad.

So, you happen to consume cannabis! To let the right person in, you have let your whole self show and shine brightly. All you need a dash of confidence and the right crowd to find your match.

Peckler conducts face-to-face coaching sessions for singles locally in California and for singles around the world over Skype to give them a little green push. She spent time interviewing members of a cannabis consulting firm to become better acquainted with the industry before launching her dating endeavor. Her time with the firm has informed her advice when it comes to helping others face counterproductive dating habits, stigmas and fears when it comes to making new connections.

What the Heck Are Marijuana Mixers?

When you happen to find out that he or she smokes, too, then you relax and connect on deeper level instantly because of that relation. Peckler recognizes this spark, “It’s a welcome energy. And when you have a smoke sesh with someone, it’s a great bonding experience. I thought that was a perfect way to spark the romantic connection, too.”

A “marijuana mixer” opens with a 10-minute workshop on dating. Attendees then sample from various marijuana vendors who host a bud bar and vaping area. Sativa strands and THC levels are carefully chosen for guests who need a little push to socialize, without getting too high. There’s also drinks, food and music at the mixer. Some events also include a performer or artist, such as a glassblower or caricaturist.

Attendees go home with a treasure trove full of mixer goodies. Anyone who felt that spark but didn’t exchange contact information often reach out to Peckler.

One Rule Maintains Mixer Success and Defies Stigmas

Only one rule stands at the mixers: Take everything in moderation.

The aim is to continually prove that not all consumers of cannabis are lazy stoners, by offering such mixers to successful singles who love their green. As recreational usage is penned into law and accepted by society, many believe that the stigma around marijuana will begin to fade. Peckler believes the real push needed for full acceptance is federal legalization.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs makes it difficult for many consumers to get life insurance. For business owners, there is much red tape and awkward navigation of social etiquette when it comes to advertising a marijuana-related product or company on social media. Little by little, with honest conversation and relevant research, affairs are improving for the recognition of cannabis use as a lifestyle.

That’s the beauty of the mixers. It targets the stigma on a personal level, helping people feel comfortable with their own consumption in the dating scene and bringing it up with a prospective match. So many relationships end because of such incompatibilities, but there is real love to be found with others who share the same passions.

Things to Consider As a Single and Seeking Cannabis Consumer

Three’s not a crowd in this case: You, your match and Mary Jane can all get along. Molly Peckler extends this advice to you:

  • Consider how cannabis adds to your lifestyle and why it’s important to you. This will help you relate to others and explain your consumption choice.
  • Love makes the world go around. Let your love for cannabis show and be open about with those you trust in your circle. Peckler even recommends broaching the subject on a first date.
  • You’d be surprised who you can find through networking, especially at industry conferences, professional networking events and cannabis advocacy organizations. You never know who someone else knows, who could be your match!

Sometimes, you have to kiss a lot of green frogs before you land your stoner sweetheart. You also have to take a lot of puffs off that green bud until you kiss the one.

Cannabis is in important to you and continues to enhance your life. A vital part of any lasting relationship is the ability to communicate about what makes you happy and thrive in life. Luckily, the marijuana matchmaker is the real green deal when it comes to life, love and cannabis.

Jennifer Landis
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