A Couple’s Guide to Watersports in the Caribbean


A Couple’s Guide to Watersports in the Caribbean. Going on a holiday with our special someone is always something that we’re looking forward to. And even though it’s true that it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are with the person you love, there are those places that are just a bit more interesting to see than others. If you happen to be looking for a destination for this year’s holiday and you want to try out something beautiful and at the same time very interesting and different, then it would be an excellent idea to dip your toes in the Caribbean Sea. Not only is this the place with sapphire blue waters that will leave you mesmerized, it’s also a place where you could try some of the most interesting water sports and have the experience of your lifetime. These are all the things you can do as a couple.

Swim with whale sharks in Mexico

Definitely one of the most exciting and magical experiences is swimming with sharks, and even though many dread of this idea, there’s nothing like swimming with whale sharks in Mexico. First of all, the blue waters off the coast of Cancun will leave you speechless, and you will most certainly love whale sharks. They are massive and their mouth might be huge, but they are quite gentle as they are feeding on plankton – so they pose no threat to people. If you really want to swim at the same pace as them, make sure to practice a bit more before coming here as they are extremely fast!

Thunderball Grotto snorkeling at the Bahamas


If there’s a place where more than one Hollywood blockbuster was filmed at, you need to see it. If that place is on the Caribbean, the reasons are even bigger! Thunderball Grotto is a place where Thunderball from the James Bond series and Into the Blue were filmed, which is a definite proof of the mesmerizing beauty of the place. The snorkeling here is such an experience, as you will get to dive through the submerged holes of this amazing island. In order to experience this, get the best full face snorkel mask and dive inside a cavern in order to witness a spectacular view of light bursting through the openings above. This is one of the most beautiful caves in the world, but the underwater world is also quite amazing. See a multitude of colorful fish swimming around the coral reef and be mind-blown!

Sailing in Jamaica

It doesn’t matter where you are, sailing is always the most interesting slow activity. But sailing in the Caribbean is seriously a completely different experience. It’s one of the Caribbean watersports where you don’t have to do anything. Just step onto a catamaran, sit down and simply enjoy and listen to the waves crash and splash your skin from time to time. Jamaica is an incredibly beautiful island, with an amazing rocky coastline, so not even one second of this sailing trip would be dull and uninteresting. The waters are crystal clear, which might be a completely unique experience while Reggae music is playing. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s also very romantic. Sitting in the front row, watching the waters and the sun while smelling the salty water? Totally.

Scuba diving at Honduras


Honduras is one of the cheapest places in the Caribbean, which is an excellent thing because scuba diving here is amazing. If you opt for this step, not only will you see everything in its waters from sharks to fish, sea horses and turtles, but you will also be able to swim with dolphins. This means that you don’t have to break the bank in order to go scuba diving to a luxurious place, as you can experience it everything in Honduras at a completely fair price. The sea is crystal clear, warm and filled with marine life. 

Kite surfing in Aruba

The first place that the Beach Boys mention in their huge hit Kokomo is Aruba (you know – Aruba, Jamaica, oh I wanna take ya), and it’s definitely for a good reason. Aruba is an excellent place to visit, and if you’re a beach lover, you simply have to come here. The beaches are very shallow and amazing for swimming, the water is warm and of the best blue color. If you opt to come here with your special someone, don’t miss out on the kite surfing, one of the most popular sports here. Everyone does it here, so when in Rome… why not? The good thing is that Aruba offers perfect conditions for kite surfing all year round.

It really doesn’t matter where you’re going to go as long as it’s only the two of you, but why not immerse into all the amazing watersport experiences that the countries of the Caribbean offer? Calculate your budget, make your wishes and choose one of these options. You definitely won’t regret it!


Guest Post by Luke Douglas

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