How To Choose Your Wedding Venue


One of the first things you’re going to think about when you’re newly engaged is where you’re going to have the wedding of the year. The wedding venue that you choose is going to be the place that you remember for the rest of your life. It sets the tone of your wedding, and it’s the most important element of your wedding day (after the dress, duh!).


The process of finding your wedding venue, though, is an incredibly overwhelming one. You have to find a venue that matches the budget that you like and is convenient for you and your wedding guests to travel to. Lastly, you need to find a venue that matches all of the above and isn’t already booked for the month you want. It isn’t easy to find all those things at once, but that doesn’t make it impossible. With this in mind, let’s look at the steps that you need to take to make sure that you find that perfect venue.

First Step: Draft Your Budget

Before you do anything, you need to put your budget together and know what you’re spending. This is going to help you to work out whether you can afford your venue plus all the little extras that they may charge you. You also need to check out this page and see if your chosen wedding band matches your budget, too. All of this matters and you need to estimate all the smaller details so that you can keep track of everything.

Second Step: Venue Research

If you’re looking for a venue now, you need to keep track of all of your research. Prepare yourself with a venue spreadsheet with locations, costs, guest capacity, and what each venue offers you for your budget. The spreadsheet that you create is going to help you to narrow down your options.

Third Step: Know Your Guests

You have to check out the venues and know which one will be right for your guests as well as for yourself. Guests will be travelling to your wedding, and you need to think about their costs. It’s why so many people are careful about marrying abroad; the cost can be astronomical. Consider all your guests and the options you have.

Fourth Step: Get Advice

If you have a wedding planner, get their expert advice and ask them to come with you to the venues to view them. They will be able to tell you whether you are getting a good deal or whether you are getting ripped off for what you are offered. With the right advice, you’ll have a much easier time picking the venue that will suit your wedding.


A wedding venue should not be difficult to choose, and ideally, you already know pretty much what you want from the get-go. Take your time with your research; this is a big decision, and there is no use in rushing it. Your wedding needs to be perfect – it’s only happening the once, remember!


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