The Best Way To Bond With Your BFF? Take A Trip Together


It’s tough to stay connected with your friends at times, even those you’re closest with and most love. Life just gets in the way. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but it can create a strain on the friendship. It’s hard to keep a certain level of intimacy with someone you hardly see. That’s simply a fact of life.

A great way to reunite and reconnect with a friend you care about is to plan a trip together. It forces you to take scheduled time from your daily lives for each other and gives you an opportunity to create unforgettably unique memories. You also get to plan the trip together, which can be half the fun! Find something the two of you both want to do that’ll challenge, excite, or simply relax you.

Maybe both of you need a chill and quiet break from your daily lives. Maybe there’s somewhere you always secretly wanted to explore, but no one would go with you. Maybe you need a partner in crime to achieve an adventure goal that’ll empower and strengthen you. Whatever it is, taking a good friend along for the ride is a great way to ensure an experience that neither of you will ever forget.

Don’t bring husbands, or significant others, or kids, or pets. Make it about the two of you getting quality time together without anyone else to distract you or take up your energy. It’ll be good for both of you to get away from anything that makes you feel obligation or responsibility. Your only requirement is that you have an amazing time together!

I recently took a trip with my best friend to backpack the Grand Canyon. It had been years since we planned a vacation together, and neither of us had ever been into the canyon. I wasn’t sure she would want to go, but I asked and she ended up being super excited. You just never know. We planned it months in advance but the time flew by. We took a road trip up to Flagstaff together, explored a little, stayed the night, then embarked on our 4-day adventure. Not only did we make new friends and create lasting memories, we got to spend a ton of time together. We challenged ourselves to do something new and unfamiliar and we completed that challenge together. It was awesome, and I know neither of us will ever forget the special memories we made.

Next time you’re wondering if a friend would be interested in traveling together, just ask. You might be surprised by the answer. Quite often someone is just waiting for the opportunity to get out and spread their wings in a new way. Maybe no one ever asks her to do anything like that and she’s been waiting for someone to come along. It can’t hurt to put it out there. If you don’t, you may miss out on creating the memories that will last a lifetime.

Amy Horton
I am a writer, free spirit, and fairly functional human living in Los Angeles. I tell it like I see it and I don't hold back. I hope to connect with my readers through our common experiences and touch some hearts and souls!

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