Best Self-Help Books to Kickstart 2018

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Best Self-Help Books to Kickstart 2018. I’ve read more self-help books than I care to count. Some of them were a waste of time and money, and many just repeated some basic common sense. But every so often I’d start reading and my world would expand in unexpected and beautiful ways. With the new year fast approaching I’m going to share my top picks. Those books that have been trusty navigational companions for this adventure called life that we’re all.

And please, if you have any self-help books that have awakened a part of your soul, feel free to share them in the comments section.

Change from Within: A Journal of Exercises and Meditations to Transform, Empower and Reconnect (Skyhorse Publishing)

This book is full of practical tools and processes, showing you how to heal your insecurities and transform unhealthy beliefs into strength and clarity. So much self-help these days is full of waffley theory with very little practical explanation, while Change from Within is refreshingly the complete opposite: a step-by-step process, in an easy to follow journal format. Change from Within

The Power of Now (Namaste Publishing)

An oldy but a goody. Personally, I consider The Power of Now to be the greatest spiritual book written in modern times. If you think of Change from Within (above) as the workbook, then Eckhart Tolle’s classic is the weighty philosophical tome. When this book was first reviewed for the New York Times, the journalist called it “spiritual mumbo jumbo”, proving that even the greats can have their critics. The Power of Now

The Untethered Soul (New Harbinger Publications)

I didn’t vibe Michael Singer’s latest book, but I’m including it here because so many people did. Maybe it’s because I’ve read so many self-help books, but I didn’t think there was anything really new here, just more of a re-interpretation of The Power of Now. However, you don’t become a New York Times best seller with rave reviews on Amazon, without there being some substance to your work. The Untethered Soul

The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (Weiser Books)

If you are interested in understanding the basics of feminist spirituality, this book is a great place to start. The author, Z. Budapest was the woman who made tarot readings legal in California (yes they were once outlawed, thank you Z!). You can get your witchy on, with detailed explanations on everything from spell casting and tarot cards, through to the history of Dianic Wicca. The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries

The Law of Attraction (Hay House)

No “best self help guide” is complete without including Abraham Hicks. Today we’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction and this is where it all began (no, it wasn’t the movie The Secret). Even if you think you understand the Law of Attraction, there are always new depths and ah-ha moments as you revisit this work. I prefer the audio book for this, and every time I listen my understanding of this universal law only deepens. The Law of Attraction



Elke Elouise Taylor
Elke Elouise Taylor is a scientist and empath. Combining her academic background & intuitive gifts she developed a step-by-step Intuitive Healing process to help people heal their insecurities, reconnect with their authentic self & find their life's true purpose.
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