The Best Places To Do Homework Other Than Starbucks


So, you think it’s a big mistake to study at home on a day like this? Then it’s time to
explore new, uncharted spots, where you can be more productive. The problems
are, most students study from coffee shops today. These places seem to be
overcrowded with people and their laptops. Plus, it’s usually too loud to write a good
essay or prepare for the test, while too many devices make the Wifi signal too slow.

The reality is – finding a comfortable place to do your homework can be difficult,
especially if the other students have the same mission at the same time. Here are
some of the locations to try as your new go-to homework space:

A Hotel Lobby

Believe it or not, but hotel lobbies are among the students’ favorite places to get
some homework assignments done away from home or a college class. More often
than not, the lobbies are deserted during the week, which makes them a great zone
for concentration. What is more, they usually provide an excellent Wifi signal and a
fax/print available for free.

If you feel like a freeloader and you don’t like the idea, make sure to order a drink
and some French fries at the lobby bar. If you think about studying in the hotel
lobbies on a regular basis, it is highly recommended to rotate since the personnel
might catch on.

Shopping Malls

If the ambient noise is not a problem for you, the food courts of the local mall can be
a nice location for studying. They provide customers with plenty of space, which
means you will be able to change your spots during the workday. The other great
advantage lies in free parking and Wi-Fi.

Best Places to Do Homework

A Bookstore

Let’s say you’re assigned with the task to write a college essay. Without a doubt, you
will have to do an in-depth research in order to craft an A+ project that complies with
the writing standards. You have an opportunity to enjoy a direct info access at a
bookstore. Dozens of perfectly organized magazines and books of all possible
genres are accessible if you’re in need of a correct and quick answer. Besides, many
big bookstores provide their customers with a cozy café, so you can enjoy your
favorite cappuccino or latte while writing about the conflicts that Hamlet goes through
or discovering the key elements of enterprise resource planning. The best thing
about the bookstores is that they aren’t large crowd gatherers, which means you’ll be
able to 100% focus on the course materials.


A great number of sports clubs and gyms now have cafés, smoothie bars, and
restaurants, where you are free to sit down and write an essay or two for college. So,

why not to benefit from your gym membership in a brand new way? A lot of gyms
offer free Wi-Fi that is a great bonus to the muscle growth.

A Pal’s House

If you have never tried co-working, it’s the right time to! You’ll like the feeling that
you’re not the only person who has a book review or a coursework to cope with, and
so it’s a good idea to go to your pal’s place and work on your home assignments
together. It doesn’t matter if you deal with the same tasks or not. It’s just awesome to
get out of your house and meet someone, who understands you and suffers the
same. And, who knows, maybe you’re taking an Ancient History class that you hate
and your friend happens to be a History major. Use your friends! Just ensure to bring
over some snacks and sweets because you’re actually invading your pal’s home. Be
a polite guest.

Your Bedroom

If you don’t feel like leaving your place, your bedroom might be the best escape.
Lock your door, turn your favorite music on and do not let anyone disturb you in the
process of work. Having friends is a real blessing and hanging out with them is the
best time you may ever have, but when the question is about doing your homework
within the deadline they can turn into a disaster. Make it clear you have things to do
without being rude to your pals; after all, once you’re done with the college essay,
your BF will still be there.

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