Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit


How to prepare yourself before becoming a CrossFit athlete.

So you’ve decided to start CrossFit. Congratulations! You can be proud of yourself for undertaking a difficult workoutbut hold on tight to that happy feeling. You might need it throughout your first few weeks of CrossFit.

Read this guide to help you navigate through the challenges of this rewarding workout.

Why am I doing this?

You don’t need a reason to start CrossFit other than to be healthy and “because I want to,” and you certainly don’t need to defend your decision to anyone else.

However, if  you find yourself in need of a little more convincing or a reminder of why you started this in the first place, just remember, you’re doing this to:

  1. Feel stronger and happier. Endorphins and confidence are never a bad thing.
  2. Be healthier and maybe lengthen your lifespan so you can be as cute as Betty White one day.
  3. Be efficient. It’s quick and effective with most workouts lasting less than an hour, leaving you with more time to hangout with your besties.
  4. Be fit as the stars: many celebrities get their workouts through CrossFit, like Jessica Alba, Channing Tatum, Cameron Diaz, and Matt Damon. You’ll pretty much be twins.
  5. Keep it interesting. CrossFit can potentially be a different workout every day. You’ll never get bored.

Watch Your Language

“Hey! I’m going to the box for my WOD for time. I’m hoping to get a better score than yesterday. Wbu?”

Don’t show up to the box not knowing what this means or how to reply. Learn the lingo and fit  right in. Here is a basic CrossFit glossary for beginners:

Box – CrossFit gym

WOD – Workout of the day

EMOM – Every minute on the minute

AMRAP – As many reps as possible

For time – Completing an exercise as quickly as you can

Score – Total number of completed reps + leftovers

Rx’d – Written score for a workout without modification

Get the Gear

Start feeling like a CrossFit athlete by treating yourself like one. Get the gear you’ll need to be successful.

Shoes: The best CrossFit shoes can mean different things to different people. You can choose between minimal shoes and olympic weightlifting shoes. Many people wear their sneakers at first, but it usually separates the beginners from the CrossFit athletes.

Gloves and Grips: You may not care about maintaining baby soft hands, but if you do, you need to invest in some CrossFit gloves or grips. CrossFit equipment can and will cause your hands to blister, callus, and may even cause tearing and bleeding (ouch). Beyond being uncomfortable and unappealing, this can hinder your workout. You may want to show how tough you are by using your bare hands and a bit of chalk, but if you want to avoid the hand-ache, put your new set of gloves on before even looking at a weight bar.

Moisturizer: Another recommended investment is some type of hand cream, hand salve, or even coconut oil to keep moisturized before things get out of hand.

WOD Log Book: Writing down your workouts helps you keep track of your progress and can help motivate you.

Work Your Body, Work Your Mind

When undertaking a new challenge, it is essential to prepare your mind. Undertaking a physical challenge can be as much of a workout for your mind as for your body. Once you have decided to start, think of yourself as a CrossFit competitor; building your mental skills as an athlete will help you push harder and do better at the box. Setting goals, learning positivity, and controlling your breathing will make all the difference.

CrossFit can also be intimidating as a beginner. Be easy on yourself and remember that everybody starts somewhere. Just making it to the box is an accomplishment.

Stay injury free during CrossFit by finding a balance between pushing yourself and listening to your body. Working out is supposed to be good for your body, so take care of it. Sleep well and drink as much water as you can, as they are both essential for performing well at the gym.

Once you are ready, you can enroll yourself in a CrossFit class. You can find a box near you or a regular gym that offers CrossFit classes. Look into different WOD’s, work your knowledge, put your gear on, and get strong.


Guest Blog: Avery Phillips

Dirty and Thirty
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