How BBL is Creating the Best Bums in Sydney  


A beautiful rear-view is the desire of many women in Sydney, and you can have a butt that men will drool over by utilizing a few different techniques. It starts with a great exercise routine and the proper diet, but as you’ll see, even if you weren’t blessed with a beautiful drearier from birth, there are ways to improve on your genes. A beautiful, Brazilian butt is totally possible!


Let’s talk exercise first.


Many women assume that if they have a flat, or undeveloped buttocks that they can’t do anything about it – that this is just the body they were given from their parents and grandparents. They’re simply stuck with it.


This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A few straightforward exercisespracticed consistently can totally transform your buttocks. If you want to shake that money maker, A.K.A. your booty, then you need to shape it first.


Your rear end has the largest muscle in the entire body – the gluteus maximus. There are also two smaller sets of muscles that shape your bum: the gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. If you want a beautiful butt, you need to target all three sets of muscles in your workout, while giving the largest muscle the most focus.


Squats, lunges, side steps, and any deep leg movements that engage the glutes will help to lift the rear-end, making it look larger and more round. Half the battle in having a beautiful butt is simply training those muscles to lift the lower buttocks away from the legs so that your bum appears to “float” above your legs.


Though we can’t train any muscle group in complete isolation, focusing on gluteal workouts will help build your butt muscles and make your rear-end more attractive.


Another way to boost your butt is to eat a healthy diet. While fat has been made the enemy, healthy fats not only help you to stay fit, but also help to build the fatty area of the butt so that it looks filled out or full.


Try adding avocadoes, hemp oil, olive oil, and other healthy plant-based fats to your diet for the best results. These fats can actually lower bad cholesterol, boost heart health, and also give you some extra padding in the rear.


Ultimately, you want to eat right ratio of fat and build lean muscle for the best butt.


Another option is the BBL or Brazilian butt liftfrom Cosmos Clinic. Sometimes, after aging, childbirth, and even exercise, your butt can look deflated or lack a pleasing shape.


The BBL uses your own body fat, and augments your rear-end with endogenous fat cells so that you can have that Brazilian butt that has been made famous the world over. The procedure only takes a few hours and recovery time lasts for about a week. The result is a full, round, beautiful bum that you’ll be eager to show off on any beach, from Miami, to St. Tropez.


At Dirty and 30, we can’t think of a better way to boost your confidence, even if it’s “following” behind you.

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