Awaken your inner black swan!


After watching Natalie Portman win the Oscar for her performance in Black Swan, almost every girl has been trying to bring out her inner Black Swan.  Well maybe not go as far as Natalie’s character went, but you know what I mean.  Going to Cardio Barre made me feel like I was an actual ballerina in training, without the pretension.  I could feel my body working.  15 min into the class I heard my brain say, ”Oh sh*t I am going to be in pain tomorrow.”  I felt my body back off and I did a quick brain scan of what I had to do tomorrow, could not think of anything, so I allowed myself to go forward at full speed, ready to get myself back into tip top shape.

The amazing instructor said, “This is how you stay healthy for the rest of your life,” which made me want to do this at least 2 times a week.  She inspired me to be healthy and take better care of myself.  ”What inspires you? Do you want to be a better you today?” she said in a very positive but realistic tone.  She really made me think to myself, what do I want for myself, while some thirty year olds are thinking they want to have babies, I’m thinking about how I want to be in the best physical shape of my life, feeling the best I’ve ever felt, being the strongest I have ever been, with great friends and positive energy all around me…that’s what I want.  She came over and adjusted me to make sure I was being safe with my body positioning.

At the end of the class we laid on the floor in an L shape, I was using muscles I had never used before.  Seeing us all struggle through the exercise the instructor smiled and said, “This must be illegal.”   We also did this sunbathing position where she compare it to modeling like Jacking O, while sunbathing.  Positive imagery with positive reinforcement that we could all relate to.

As I was walking out the door, she asked, “Stefanie” how did u like it?”  I told her I’d be back later in the week but I know I would be sore tomorrow.  She said, “If your old enough to drink, take a shot and a bath…you’ll be fine.”  I didn’t really hear what she said after that cause I was so taken back by the fact that she wasn’t sure if I was old enough to drink.  Now how’s that for being Dirty and Thirty?

Cardio Barre is not pretentious of any sort, it’s downright fitness.

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Stefanie Seifer
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Co-Founder of Human/Creator/Actor She loves finding her inner goddess, drinking wine, and you can usually find her on a spin bike or a yoga class 5 days a week. Besides co-founding, she's an actress and can whip up some fabulous classic cocktails. Although not a fabulous cook, you can find her at the farmers market every Monday and loves to frequent restaurants, bars, and local speakeasies. - Twitter: @StefSeifer - Instagram: @StefSeifer


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  2. Great article. Also from my swimming days, put ice on what is sore after for twenty minutes and take some advil. That helps a lot too. Its what the athletic training staff used to do for us in college. Have fun with it. Hope you feel better.

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