Adult Pool Party Ideas


Adult pool party ideas

Pool parties are a staple of the summertime experience. With summer coming up soon, you’re probably itching to get your first adult pool party of the season together. To make your summer pool party kick-off extra special, consider some of these ideas to get you started.

Get Some Celebrity Inspiration

Hollywood summers are marked by flashy and expensive poolside parties. These are usually coordinated by expensive professional party planners and involve extensive preparation. But you can get some celebrity inspiration and adapt some of these ideas for your own party:

  • Choose a color scheme and theme for your adult pool party. Lots of celebrity and organizational parties have themes with over the top decorations. You can take a page from their style books by keeping your party coordinated with a palette and a theme. For example, at Lacoste’s 2012 Coachella pool party, huge alligator pool inflatables filled the pool. Borrow from this fun themed idea by choosing an inflatable like large flowers and decorating your pool and the pool area with them. Compliment them with pink, orange, and yellow towels, drinks, straws, and paper lanterns.
  • Theme ideas borrowed from celebrity parties might include: shark week, fashion week, Coachella, music, art events, etc.
  • Consider eye-catching decorations like large balloons held down by weights to the bottom of the pool.
  • If you are really feeling indulgent, hire some caterers for the event or even a bartender.

Plan an Awesome Menu

Whether you will be hiring a caterer or putting together a menu yourself, you should focus on items that are festive, seasonal, and refreshing.

  • Go for the casual BBQ. Make it a cookout and serve favorites like chicken breast and ribs, but be sure to add in other more specialty items like skewered shrimp and vegetables to grill like zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, and eggplant.
  • Serve crowd favorites including guacamole, seven layer dip, cupcakes decorated with beach or flower motifs, skewered fruit, and fruit salads or more traditional salads. Other special items might include stuffed peppers or eggplant, baked crostini with tapenade, or grilled flatbread pizzas for a California style party.
  • Serve seasonal drinks. Look for drink recipes that are cool and refreshing and feature fruits like mango or pineapple. Be sure to serve wedges of fruit on the glass or in the drink. You can also serve the always popular classics of frozen margaritas or white wine sangria. And don’t forget to make the non-alcoholic drinks special, too! Buy or rent large beverage dispensers with spigots that you can have out all day at the drink table. Serve lemonade, but add in a special flavor or flavor combination from things like lavender or mint. To make it look especially nice, leave the lavender or mint leaves floating in the dispenser. You can also serve ice tea, punch, and other drinks, but be sure to have lots of water available. You may be tempted to add in flavoring to your water pitcher like cucumber or lemon, but you may instead want to leave out bowls with these flavoring items on the side so guests can add them as they want. You want everyone to have plenty of water, and don’t want them to have to deal with a flavor they don’t like.

Look the Part

Buy yourself a new bathing suit for your pool party and maybe even go for a new bathing suit cover, sunglasses, sunhat, and bag. If you are planning a party for your first summer kickoff, buy yourself a bathing suit that will last you throughout the season and is in keeping with the summer’s trends. If you are planning a party for an event like a birthday or Memorial Day, consider getting a fun, novelty bathing suit like an American Flag Bikini.

Do Something Outrageous!

Keep your friends talking about your party for ages by arranging something extra special. Ideas might include:

  • Hire a professional mermaid to attend the adult pool party. You can hire an actress to attend your pool party dressed up like a mermaid. These are often for kids’ parties, but there are some actresses who cater specifically to adult pool parties. This would be especially fun if you were imitating a Playboy style pool party (at a recent pool party, Playboy had actresses dressed as mermaids in attendance).
  • Set up karaoke or hire a band or DJ to attend for a larger party. You can even set up a makeshift dance floor in your yard.
  • Make it a spa day and hire hairdressers, nail artists, and masseuses to attend.
  • Go with a summer carnival theme and get a cotton candy station, a snow cone station, set up carnival games, and hire a fortune teller.

Play to Your Crowd

Are your friends more of the go with the flow type who might prefer a laid back day by the pool? Or are they the more adventurous types who want lots of activity and flash? Figure out who your audience is and plan a party that will be the most fun for them. And make it yours! Don’t focus too much on imitating celebrities or doing something in top style. Instead, make sure it’s a real adult pool party that you and your friends will remember fondly.

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