How Adult Children Can Be Good to Their Parents This Year


It doesn’t matter how old you get — there is no substitute for your parent’s love. How many times have you craved their embrace when times were toughest?


What can you do to show your appreciation? Here are nine ways adult children can be good to their parents this year.

1. Get Them More Active


Nearly one out of four older adults qualify as obese, and 40% are overweight. While you might adore the image of the chubby grandma, carrying excess pounds increases your parent’s risk of disability from other health woes.


If your parents shy away from the gym because arthritis or other chronic pain conditions make it painful, suggest an aquatic workout. It’s best if you can find a facility with an indoor therapeutic pool for aqua aerobics or swimming or walking laps. That way, they can’t use the excuse that it’s too cold to get in the water, and the buoyancy will take the pressure off creaky joints.

2. Help Them With Technology


Technology offers a marvelous way to stay in touch with family members who live far away, but some older adults struggle to master new gadgets. If you’re now a certified Zoom whiz after 2020, why not lend them a hand with getting connected?


Tablets work better than even large cellphones for those with visual impairments like age-related macular degeneration. They also make it possible for mom or dad to enjoy their favorite books again if holding a weighty hardcover or paperback became too much for their hands to handle.Plus, you can still use many models for making VoIP calls.

3. Give a Thoughtful Gift


A gift is always a lovely way to show that you care. While material things are no substitute for your presence, they can help bridge the gap until vaccines make traveling to see your folks safe again.


If you don’t know when you’ll get to see your folks again, a monthly subscription box shows how much you care 12 times a year when they visit the mailbox. You can find versions catered to anything from golf to kitty lovers — indulge your parent’s passions.

4. Lend a Hand Around the Homestead


When mowing the back-40 starts to cause your Pa considerable pain, why not help out if you live close enough to do so? Consider it a groovy role-reversal of sorts of the days when your folks had to nag you to do your chores.


Likewise, if your folks decide to downsize, help them sort through their belongings. A solid rule is for them not to keep anything they haven’t used in the past year — but if you could refinish that table they bought at a yard sale and stuffed in the attic, they might give it to you.

5. Ensure They Stay Well-Fed


If your folks live close, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to make meal-prep a family affair. It could work out better — you can save money by buying in bulk, then swap your extra chopped broccoli for some of Mama’s baby carrots.


Many older adults have to choose between buying life-saving medicine or food, given their limited income. Even if you live far away, you can help your parents with a gift of a meal subscription service that ensures them at least one hearty plateful each day.

6. Invite Them to Family Events


Guess what? There’s no magical age when you start saying, “There’s no need to send me an invite.” Everyone likes to feel included — why not ask grandma and grandpa to join you at your child’s soccer tourney – keeping  COVID vaccination regulations in mind, of course!


If mobility issues make travel challenging, learn to ask about accessibility before events. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, new buildings must comply, as must those that undergo renovations that affect the structure’s usability.

7. Nurture Their Spiritual Beliefs


Maybe you haven’t stepped foot in a church since you were a kid. Guess what — the chapel won’t crumble if you enter.


If your parents find solace in their spiritual beliefs, why not accompany them to a service? It’ll make their day to introduce all their church buddies to their grown-up “baby.”

8. Accompany Them to Medical Appointments


The older you get, the more things tend to go wrong with your body. If your parents have an upcoming medical appointment, why not go with them?


Seeing the doctor is stressful, and even if your parents prepare a list of questions, they could get so nervous that they forget to ask. The second set of ears in the room also helps ensure that they don’t miss or misinterpret any vital information.

9. Call or Text Regularly


Finally, your folks don’t stop worrying about you like magic on your 18th birthday. Call or text them regularly to let them know that you’re doing well.


It only takes moments to shoot your mom an unexpected, “Hey, just saying I love you,” but it will make her whole day. For occasions like birthdays, go ahead and call if you live too far away for a friendly visit.

Adult Children, Use These 9 Tips to Be Good to Your Parents This Year


Your parents don’t stop loving and supporting you when you turn 18. Show them you care by using these nine tips to be good to them this year.

Kara Reynolds
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