8 Tips for a Bomb Bachelorette Party


Every bride deserves to have fun at her bachelorette party. Whether you want it to happen the week before your ceremony or months in advance, it’s a great excuse to relax with your favorite people and forget about the stresses of wedding planning.

You might wonder how to get started. Check out these eight tips you can use to plan a bomb bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy.

1. Avoid Starting Too Late

Brides begin to experience some complications as soon as they send their save-the-dates. People might contact you regarding their schedule and leave you waiting until the last minute to decide if they’ll attend. It’s challenging to find a date that works for everyone, which is just one of the many reasons you should avoid starting your bachelorette party planning too late.

You’ll need to find out if there are dates and times available for anything you’d like to book, like hotels, restaurants and spas. Everyone will also need extra time to clear or rearrange their schedule. If you only have weeks until your wedding, you can still make your party happen, but you’ll likely deal with more roadblocks related to scheduling and reservations.

2. Invite Your Closest Friends

Think about your closest friends and decide who you want at your party. Don’t feel like you have to extend invitations to certain people out of politeness. Distant family members, co-workers and other guests who may just be casual friends will have a great time at your reception. You’ll want only your closest friends or family members at your bachelorette party to keep the guest list small and intimate.

3. Remember to Celebrate Yourself

Every good hostess makes sure that everyone will enjoy something at her party, like optional activities or a variety of snacks. At the same time, your guests will be there to celebrate you. Make sure you love whatever you include in your bachelorette party. Treat yourself to what makes your heart sing. It’s your special moment in life, and your guests will support whatever you decide.

4. Discuss Potential Destinations

Bachelorette parties are also an excuse to get out of town for a long weekend. Meet up with the people you invite and discuss potential popular destinations to see where everyone would want to go. Whether you head to the beach, book a cabin in the mountains or find a luxurious spa resort, the conversation will open up the issue of budgeting. It’s uncomfortable for people to decline a party invite because they can’t afford the trip. When everyone sits down to talk about it together, you can find a dreamy vacation spot that works for all budgets.

5. Plan Fun Drinks

Once your party begins, it’s time to relax with a fun drink in hand. Skip what you’d usually get at the store and plan fun party cocktails that make the celebration stand out from a casual get-together. Practice making Nutella shots or birthday cake mimosas so when the party starts, you can teach everyone how to get the good times rolling.

You can also invite your closest friends over so you can experiment with cocktail ideas together. If they’re willing to help serve your guests, you can let them take the lead and get the relaxation you deserve during your party.

6. Prepare for Hangovers

Hangovers are an unfortunate side effect of many bachelorette parties, but you can prepare for them with a few easy tricks. Load up your house or venue with water to sip between drinks, check out hangover cure IV bags and give everyone an easy morning itinerary if you party on vacation. You’ll thank yourself later when you can sleep in and recover with breakfast delivered to your front door.

7. Decide on a Theme

It’s much easier to plan the perfect celebration if you have a theme to guide you. Decide on the focus of your party. You might pick beach activities for a coastal getaway or play X-rated games to make hilarious memories. The theme will help you figure out where you’ll go, how you’ll decorate and what you’ll do, so give it some thought before making any final decisions.

8. Give Group Gifts

If you’ve browsed social media for inspiration, you’ve likely seen that most bachelorette parties include group gifts for your guests. You might want to give out monogrammed hats, matching swimsuits or decorated wine glasses. It’s nice for everyone to have something to bring home and remember the good times you spent together before your wedding. The gifts can also create the perfect excuse for that group Instagram photo you’re dying to post.

Try to Have Fun

Some brides feel extra stressed planning a second party in addition to a wedding, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Use these tips to have fun and plan a bomb bachelorette party you’ll always remember.

Jennifer Landis
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