7 Delightful Coffee Recipes for Your Next Brunch at Home


What’s better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee with some cream and sugar to go with your brunch? Not much!


Although a plain cup of coffee can suit the needs of your brunch guests, it can get boring after a few rounds. There’s no need to run to the local coffee shop to get fancy lattes or macchiatos for your brunch. Become a barista within your own kitchen, and take a look at these delightful coffee recipes for your next brunch at home.


Your guests will love your creativity, and these recipes are sure to keep them wanting more!


1. Variations on Whipped Coffee


Dalgona, or whipped, coffee has become all the new rage during COVID-19. The trend began in South Korea but has long been a drink enjoyed in India and Pakistan.


Whipped coffee is relatively easy to make, whipping together equal parts of hot water, sugar and instant coffee until it has the texture of thick whipped cream. Add the mixture to iced or hot milk of choice. To add a twist on the classic, add a few pumps of a flavored syrup or coffee creamer. Or, use matcha powder in place of the instant coffee.


This drink is sure to make your brunch Insta-worthy!

2. Peppermint Mocha


Move out of the way, pumpkin spice! Snow is the air — at least in the northern states — which means peppermint season is near. Warm up your brunch with a simple peppermint mocha!


The combination of a rich, chocolatey coffee base, a creamy whipped topping and a fresh mint syrup will warm up your guests in no time. If you’re feeling extra dedicated to making a peppermint mocha, craft your own mint syrup. Don’t forget to add up some crushed peppermint candies on top!

3. Spiced Gingerbread Iced Coffee

What could be better than combining a holiday classic cookie with coffee? This recipe for a spiced gingerbread iced coffee will have your guests reminiscing on building gingerbread houses and decorating one-of-a-kind gingerbread cookies.


What’s even better is that since this is an iced coffee, it is the perfect summer drink as well! Host a Christmas in July brunch and make this recipe to get your friends in the holiday spirit while keeping them cool and caffeinated.


4. S’mores Latte


Eat your s’mores and drink them too! Combining a famous campfire treat with coffee is the perfect way to amp up your regular brunch pot of coffee.


All of the ingredients to make the perfect s’more are needed for this latte. If you want to make the latte-making process fun for your guests, get a few small burners and bamboo skewers so they can roast their own marshmallows to add to the top of the drink! That way, each person will get their desired toastiness to make their latte perfect.

5. Cup of Cold Brew


Don’t confuse cold brew for iced coffee — they are two very different drinks! Cold brew is truly a science, and you can make a large batch of it at home for your next brunch. Instead of brewing a hot pot of coffee and adding ice to it, cold brew doesn’t brew with hot water. Instead, you use cold water and let it slowly seep over the grounds to create a delicious, rich cold coffee.


Since it takes a longer time to brew than hot coffee, you can make this the night before a brunch and let it brew for at least 12 hours. Serve it ice cold without any additions, or allow your guests to add a flavored syrup, cream or sugar.

6. Boozy Frozen Coffee

Booze and coffee are two staple items for brunch. When you pair them, they make the best drink that satisfies all of your guests’ needs. A boozy frozen coffee is an excellent addition to any brunch!


This frozen coffee calls for Irish whiskey. Prepare the night before by brewing a fresh pot of coffee and pouring it into ice cube molds so it can freeze overnight. When you’re ready to serve your guests this concoction, simply blend the coffee cubes with the whiskey and some cream for a frozen Irish coffee treat that will delight everyone around the table. Skip the booze for an alcohol-free option.


7. Raspberry Pistachio Affogato


If you want to keep the hot coffee going throughout the meal and end with a tasty coffee dessert, put together a raspberry pistachio affogato!


Affogato is an Italian word meaning “drowned.” It makes sense because you drown ice cream with hot espresso to make the base of this delectable coffee creation. Hot and cold combine, bringing two extremes into one that will wow your brunch guests and have them wondering where you got the idea to make it.


For the raspberry pistachio affogato, begin by preparing a traditional affogato, and add freeze-dried raspberries and chopped pistachios — drizzled with chocolate, of course — for a delicious brunch dessert. If you don’t like raspberries or pistachios, top with any of your favorite fruit and nut combinations, like blueberries and pecans!


Delightful Coffee, Delightful Brunch


Any cup of coffee is sure to delight your brunch guests, but if you choose to swap the traditional hot cup of coffee for one of these recipes, your friends will want you to host brunch at your house every time! Try one or all of these coffee recipes for your next brunch at home.

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