6 Indicators You’re Ready to Seek Healing and Move On


Those addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol are often unaware of how deeply rooted their problem has become. Some of them strongly believe that they can stop using any time and that the substance doesn’t affect that seriously. This is why admitting that you’re addicted is probably the first step towards recovery. It’s a sign that you’re ready to heal and get back to living a normal life. Here are 6 indicators that you’re ready to take that first step and walk the healing path.

You truly want help

If your loved ones are pushing you into a treatment program against your will, there won’t be much use in it. The fact that you’re doing something this significant just to get your friends and family off your case means that you aren’t really ready to make a change for the better. However, if you truly want to help yourself and get help from others, then you’re on a good way towards recovery. The success of the treatment greatly depends on your strong will, although the support of your friends and family members could be very helpful. After all, it’s a hard and painful process, both physically and emotionally, and only if you go through it in order to improve your life and be a better version of yourself for yourself can you really expect to fully rehabilitate.

You understand how your actions affect those around you

Another indicator of you being ready to heal is that you’ve finally started noticing how your addiction and your actions influence those you care about. When you realize how hurtful your addiction is to them and that it bothers you greatly, you’ll know it’s time to take responsibility for all you’ve done, and try to make amends. For instance, if you’ve driven while under influence of alcohol or drugs, you’ve put other people at risk. Not only could you have caused an accident and hurt some other driver or a pedestrian, but you may have also had other people in your car with you, which is especially frightening if those people were your children or younger siblings. Understanding that getting help will also mean keeping them safe can be strong motivation for you to seek treatment.

You’ve realized how far things have gone

As long as you think that your addiction is nothing more than harmless fun, you won’t see the need to undergo recovery. However, once you finally grasp the depth of the problem, you might want to get help immediately. If you want to quit, but you can’t anymore and if any attempt of staying away from drugs leads to a drug withdrawal, it means that things have gotten out of your hands and you can’t control them. Admitting to yourself that you have a problem and coming clean to your family and friends is a huge step towards a better and healthier future. Only when you realize that you, in fact, have a problem can you be brave enough to ask for help and receive it.

Your life revolves around the substance

Another sign that you’ve lost control over the situation and that the addiction is taking its toll on you, your health and your life is the realization that everything you do revolves around the drugs or the alcohol. A good idea would be to take a step back and try to observe the situation. Think back to before you started using and try remembering all the things you used to do that made you happy, and all the people you enjoyed spending your time with. If the substance you’re using now has priority over activities and the people you used to love, if you catch yourself lying to people or dismissing them in order to get high, then the substance has taken over your life. Only by healing yourself can you take it all back and be truly happy and complete again.

You’re more afraid of the substance does to you than of being without it

Many people keep their addiction a secret because they really don’t want to be without alcohol or drugs. They think that life would be harder without them and that their loved ones would judge them for their choices. However, sooner or later these substances will damage your health and will continue to do so progressively. Knowing that the damage could be permanent and that you could even die due to the substance abuse may be a trigger for making a change. Also, if people you love start giving up on you, perhaps you should consider how it would be without them in your life. If these situations scare you more than not being able to use drugs or alcohol, find a way to recover for your own and the sake of those dear to you.

You want to make better choices

When you recognize the behavioral patterns and bad choices in your past that have brought you into the horrible position that you’re in right now, you’ll probably wish you could go back and change them. And since that isn’t possible, the only thing you can do is look to the future, start making better choices and prevent such bad things from happening to you again. Perhaps you partied recklessly, or you chose your company based on completely wrong criteria, but whatever your mistakes were, you can correct them by making a strong decision to change your careless behavior and straighten out your life.

When you find the strength and the will inside yourself to take back the control over your life and your actions, you can start the healing process. And make sure you do it for the right reasons – to regain your health, happiness and peace of mind.


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