5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall


5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The temperature drops, the leaves begin to change, and everyone nestles a little more into their homes. Though the fall is a cozy time of year, it’s also a time of transition for your home. A dip in temperature means the outside of your home will need to be weatherized. You’ll want to focus on keeping the warm in and the cold out, and your HVAC will need a check. Your vehicles will need to be serviced for the cold weather, and your summer wardrobe can take a back seat while your winter clothes take the wheel. 

After fall comes winter, so it’s nice to get some of these preparations out of the way before the snow falls. Once you’re done, you can focus on Halloween baking and staying cozy while the holidays get closer. 

Weatherizing Outside

The outside of your home needs some prep work in order to be at its best for colder temperatures. These changes will help to keep your home safe and warm as fall settles in. 

  • Prevent slippery surfaces: You can do this by sealcoating the driveway to repair cracks that can fill with liquid and turn to ice. Take note of outside areas where water collects and block them off. Those areas will also turn to ice. Get the ice melt out and be prepared once the freeze starts. This will be even more important in the fall with so many trick-or-treaters coming over during Halloween. 
  • Clean the gutters: Cleaning the gutters of debris is important so that they don’t cause a leaky roof or water damage. With so many leaves, it’s an important step in the fall. 
  • Prepare the lawn and garden: Turn off the outdoor plumbing for faucets and sprinklers systems to protect them from freezing. You may also need to service your sprinklers. Trim your plants, plant bulbs for spring flowers, fertilize the lawn, and tuck your plants in for the winter. Fertilizing your lawn will help provide nutrients for your grass while it goes dormant for the winter. 

Keeping the Warm In

In order to get the most out of your heat and keep your bill down for the colder months, be sure to take a few precautions to keep the warm in and the cold out. For one, keep warm clothes nearby and use them often. Blankets, socks, sweats, etc., are all great for keeping your family warm. Look into the insulation in your home and consider adding some if you feel like your warm is escaping at a high rate. Also, curtains work as insulation for your windows and can liven up your rooms as well.

HVAC Checks

Switching from A/C to heat means you’ll want to check to be sure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are in working order. A professional will check for leaks, heating efficiency, and will change the filter. Your A/C may need to be covered for the winter, and you may even want to check your chimney and fireplace if you use them often during the winter. Getting all of this done in the fall will ensure your A/C is in working order next year and that your heating is in working order before the snow falls. 

Weatherize Vehicles and Equipment

Your lawn mower and summer vehicles will need to have their fuel removed. Leaving fuel in your equipment can cause it to dissolve components in the fuel system or cause corrosion. Servicing all of your summer vehicles and equipment is a great idea now before the weather dips in order to make sure they will be ready to use when the season returns. On the same note, get your winter vehicles and equipment ready. Snowmobiles, snow blowers, and winter vehicles can be traded out and prepared for the change in seasons. 

Switching Wardrobes 

The fall is time for sweater weather and cozy clothes. In order to make your wardrobe easier to work with, consider splitting it into a winter and summer wardrobe. Be sure to allow some crossover for cold summer days and warm winter days, but this can help you to keep things organized in your closet as well as your dresser. In fact, this can also help you to purge certain items each season and make some pieces feel new again when you haven’t seen or worn them in so long. Switching out between wardrobes can feel like you’re gaining new clothes each time the seasons change. 

Fall is a time for transition. Parts of fall are warm and still feel like summer, while other parts of fall are freezing and feel like winter has come early. Because it can be such a confusing time, it’s best to start preparing your home early. Mostly, the concern is to make sure your summer items are tucked away safely and your winter items are ready to be used. You’ll want to make sure the outside of your home is safe, weatherized, and prepped. It’s also important that  the inside of your home can stay warm and dry. Once you check your HVAC systems, weatherize your vehicles, and maybe even switch out your wardrobe, you can get cozy and feel safe knowing your home is prepped for fall. 


Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

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