5 Tips to Make Extreme Sports Part of a Healthy Lifestyle


5 Tips to Make Extreme Sports Part of a Healthy Lifestyle. Health and happiness can come in a variety of forms, and before you adopt someone else’s notion of true lifelong bliss, you need to discover for yourself what makes you get up in the morning, and what makes you feel vibrant and full of life. Everyone’s different, so why take up yoga or meditate if you’re more of an action kinda gal?

The truth is that there are numerous benefits to a healthy lifestyle, including following a healthy diet, sleeping plenty, balancing work and play, socializing, and of course, exercising on a regular basis. You could go to the gym, sure, and you could take up Pilates, but what if you choose to walk a bit closer to the wild side? Here are the five tips that will help you make extreme sports a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Take baby steps first

Trying out an extremely extreme sport before you’re ready is something like trying to skydive before you’ve conquered your fear of heights – you’re going to have a very bad time, and chances are that you’re never going to do it again in your life. The key to making a positive habit stick is to take baby steps, and gradually work your way to making this habit an inextricable part of your everyday life.

Now, this doesn’t have to be skydiving per se, it just needs to be a sport that will spark a fire in your heart and make you want to get up in the morning. It should be something you feel passionate about. If you’re going to discover your passion, though, you should first make a tiny step out of your comfort zone by researching and trying out one “extreme” activity at a time. So don’t rush, but rather allow yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Make safety a priority

Extreme sports can be very beneficial to your long-term physical health, as well as your emotional and psychological well-being. However, in order for these benefits to truly come to life, you should take all of the necessary precautions that will allow you to stay in the extreme game for the long haul. Keep in mind that a single injury is enough to keep you away from adrenaline-rich activities for good, so make sure safety becomes your no.1 priority.

You can prioritize safety by researching the extreme sports that interest you most and discovering the best practices to stay injury-free. Sports such as motocross, rock climbing and ice climbing, cliff jumping, white-water rafting, surfing, and many others will require you to wear adequate protective gear and learn the proper movement patterns extensively. Once you’ve found several sports that spark your interest, you finally venture into the extreme unknown. 

Find your extreme passion

Trying out new sports can be daunting, and it’s certainly challenging, but trying out an extreme sport can be downright frightening. Don’t worry, all of these sports should include a lengthy trial period that will allow you to get acquainted with the challenges and the necessary movement patterns. Take motocross for instance – arguably one of the most iconic extreme sports in the world. 

Before you hit the tracks for the first time, you will have an instructor by your side to show you how dirt bikes operate, and how to use the essential motocross accessories that will prove vital to staying safe and injury-free out on the track. The same goes for any other extreme sport out there, and if you follow these instructions carefully, you should have no problem having the time of your life. 

Work the sport into your routine

The fact that extreme sports are fun and challenging makes them excellent pastime activities, but usually they will take up a hefty chunk of your day, so you will need to work them into your schedule if you’re to stay consistent and dedicated. It’s all too easy to abandon a new habit if you can’t find the time to practice it regularly and frequently, so reworking your weekly routine to make room for it should one of your priorities. Try to figure out the ideal time to practice your sport, and then work towards shaping your schedule around this activity instead of trying to cram it in a tight time slot. 

Strive for greater goals

Progress is the key to staying passionate about the things you do, and that goes for everything in life, from your career to your habits and hobbies. You need to have a clear goal, you need to strive to achieve more and become better in what you do over time if you are to retain a wining, devoted mindset in the long run. With that in mind, make sure the extreme sport you choose has plenty of room for you to grow and learn new tricks in the years to come.

Extreme sports are not only fun and exciting – they also have the power to transform your life for the better in every possible way. From improved confidence and zeal, to lifelong health and happiness, you can easily pave the road to a thriving future just by making an extreme sport a part of your lifestyle.


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

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