End the Summer on a Healthy Note With These 5 Nutrition Tips


Once winter is over, clunky clothes and layers start to gradually disappear from our closets and lighter, more colorful garments take their spot. The same principle can and should be applied in our approach to food. Every season comes with its own set of rules and requirements, and summertime is a season that calls for colorful, light yet filling and nutrient-rich foods.

As delightful as summer is, it also comes with a side of water loss which can often lead to dehydration, so when it comes to maintaining the health of your body, hydration is one of the top priorities. That is where water-rich produce steps onto the stage and onto our kitchen shelves. Finally, it is paramount to avoid spicy foods or any foods that are heavy on digestion for that matter.

Having said all this, it’s time to go from theory to practice and ‘serve’ you specific pieces of advice on how to make the most of summer in terms of dietary habits, so let’s jump right in while the summer is still in session.

H2O a day keeps fatigue away

As we did mention, the importance of hydration and the medical community agrees that it’s vital to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Summer is the season during which we lose water the most. That’s precisely why, aside from optimal water intake, it’s highly important to turn to foods which are loaded with water.

Such foods include spinach (99% water) cantaloupe (90% water), watermelon and at least 18 more fruits and vegetables that are guaranteed to satisfy your hydration needs. It’s not that big of a sacrifice either, because all of the foods (well, most of them) aren’t only healthy but also incredibly delicious and refreshing. You will notice that most of the items on the list are drool-worthy fruits, and that means only one thing – amazing and colorful fruit salads in the morning to kick the day off right. Throw in a one of the most important food crops into the mix – banana, and you’ve got yourself a rich and filling breakfast.

Office saviors

Now, being stuck in an office for a large portion of the day can be challenging in terms of healthy eating. You might be tempted to just ‘grab a quick bite’ (and we know those usually entail fast food items such as burgers or doughnuts). Resist the urge to take the ‘easy’ way, and take the time to make a wonderful chicken and veggie salad. Put it in a nice container and take your lunch break to a whole new level. You can sit on a park bench, soak up the sun and enjoy your light and mouthwatering meal.

Of course, just err on the side of safety and immunity boost, ditch the sugary drinks you usually resort to and go for something along the lines of Beyond Greens. This amazing powder by Udo’s Choice is rich in B12, not to mention that it tastes great and serves as a healthy substitute to your regular go-to drinks.

Don’t fry – grill

Frying, or even worse – deep frying is never good for your digestive system. Meals prepared this way are crispy and tempting, but just think of the amounts of added fat, and you’ll step away.

That is why whoever invented the grill should get some sort of prize. You can grill not only meat but also zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and even certain fruits. No added fats are required, just watch your foods sizzle nicely on the grill and then enjoy your low-fat but high-flavor meals. You can even invite friends over and make a day of it.

Time for superfoods!

In case you haven’t had the pleasure to make their acquaintance, we’re proud to make the introduction. Superfoods are foods you’ve already heard of before, but what earned them the noble ‘super’ title are their nutritional and health benefits.

There are at least 52 on the list, so do make sure to get to know them all. The best part, they make for killer smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner foods, so look no further, because these are bound to satisfy you every appetite.

It’s dessert o’clock

Despite common misconceptions, desserts can be healthy and summer-appropriate. Not everything is about heavy chocolate cakes and heavy cream and there is such a combination as healthy and tasty.

The list of such desserts is long but our absolute favorite are the refreshing and delicious blackberry merlot granita and tropical sherbet so make sure you snag these recipes and get creative.

Bon (healthy) appetite.

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