5 Lifestyle Hacks for Your Thirties


Being in your thirties isn’t considered a nightmare like before. Even if you’re not married with kids doesn’t mean your life is devoid of all meaning, despite some more conservative people might think. For many reasons, the thirties can be new twenties, if you know what you’re doing. But, in order to keep yourself secure, there are certain life hacks that you should consider implementing, you’ll be able to enjoy your thirties to the maximum. Therefore, here are some lifestyle tips that will help you glide through your thirties without any worries:

1. Get a job that allows you a comfortable lifestyle

Having a comfortable lifestyle is such an individualistic thing, which in your case is great since not everyone has the same ideas regarding what’s comfortable. Therefore, you should carefully assess your lifestyle and habits, compare them with your current earnings and then, try to figure out your next steps. Whether you have a family or you’re single, analyzing your needs and habits on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level will give you a better perspective when it comes to your job and income. So, if you feel like your job isn’t enough, then maybe focusing on another way of earning can be a great way to live a more stable life.


2. Find a nice place to live

Owning a home in this economy seems like an impossible task, but a house or apartment ownership is a goal worth pursuing, if you have means, of course. And if not, then renting a place for a longer period and redecorating it so it’ll suit your needs is something you should definitely work on, since being in your thirties differs from being a college student and sharing an old house with four different people. Our needs tend to change and become more selfish the older we get, so finding a place to call your own is something you should definitely consider. 

3. Invest in your health

Being younger often means fewer health issues, but as you get older, you’re likely to experience more of them, mainly when it comes to hormones and blood pressure. For that reason, it’s important to invest in your health, as being on a good healthcare plan often means less stress in your day-to-day life. Opting for a comprehensive, not for profit health insurance can be a great way to make sure you’re healthy, especially since non-profit insurances tend to invest their surpluses into their members, rather than their shareholders. Still, before you finally choose your healthcare plan, you should definitely compare the prices and feel free to ask all the questions that you might find relevant, no matter how insignificant they might seem at first.


4. Be proud of your life so far

Your thirties don’t mean you’ve missed all the good things in life. On the contrary, now it’s time to do things you were putting off while you were too young and inexperienced. Being older means less fear regarding possible failures, which will also make you more immune to the opinions of others. Also, thinking about what others might think about you and your life choices is a sure way to live a miserable and guilt-ridden life. Being open to different opinions and advice is okay, as long as you make sure where your personal boundaries lie. 

5. Stay away from toxic people

When you’re younger, you’re usually more sociable and want to hang out with everyone you meet. This is quite understandable, as the twenties can be an excruciating period of soul-searching, and every person you meet often seems like a potential new friend. But, when you’re in your thirties, you slowly tend to realize that many people can be clingy, annoying or just plain toxic, and dealing with them can bring you more stress than joy. Now, if some of them are your long-time friends, then you don’t need to cut them off, but seeing them less can surely make you less negative and anxious. 


Your thirties should be a period when you celebrate everything you’ve achieved so far. Also, focusing on fixing your flaws or at least learning to control them, so they won’t interfere with your life. Finally, you should work towards establishing your financial independence and finding a partner that will be caring and supportive. But most importantly, your thirties should be focused on forgiving yourself for your past mistakes and being happy in your own skin.

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