5 Indoor Activities to Stay Cozy This Winter


5 Indoor Activities to Stay Cozy This Winter. Winter is great for snow sports, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and ice skating. The world around you turns into a snowy oasis, and everything is brisk and covered in a layer of powder. However, even the biggest winter lover could use a cozy day inside every once in a while. Whether you’re a snow bunny or someone who detests the cold, there is a time and a place for cozy indoor activities. 

Maybe you join the family for some reading in front of the fire while your mittens and boots dry. You might enjoy some candles and relaxation in a hot bath. Cuddle up under a blanket and have a winter movie marathon. Eat some warm treats and bake around the warm oven for a day. Or, you might try something brand new. Whichever you choose can be an indoor adventure to stay cozy this winter.

Enjoy the Fireplace

Maybe you don’t use your fireplace often, or maybe you use it all the time and take for granted that it’s there. If you do have a fireplace, take the time to really enjoy it this winter. Decorate your fireplace for Christmas, hang your stockings up, and make a nest in front of it. You can nap, warm your wet clothes from being out in the snow, or read a book in front of it with some hot cocoa. You can do this on your own, with your significant other, with a pet, or with your children. Enjoying the fireplace may help you to feel more intimate with your family, less distracted by technology, and closer to the holidays. Not to mention the benefits of feeling warm and cozy when the temperature continues to drop. 

Soak in the Tub

Having a soak in the tub is great no matter the time of year, but it’s especially nice to spend time in warm water when it’s cold out. Not only that, but taking a relaxing soak is great in terms of self-care. If you have arthritis or your body feels achy in the colder months, taking a hot bath can help with the pain. Light some candles, do a face mask, and use bath salts to create your own spa experience. This can help with the stress of the holidays as well as any winter sickness that you may come down with. Read a book, listen to music, or listen to a podcast and use a tub soak to keep you warm and cozy. 

Have a Winter Movie Day

When the days are short and the cold turns more icy than snowy, it can be tempting to just stay inside all day. One great way to do that is to spend a day with a winter movie marathon. You can get on some comfy clothes, warm socks, and make some snacks and warm drinks. Find your favorite blanket and make a cozy nest while watching movies like “Frozen,” “Cool Runnings,” “Groundhog Day,” or “Fargo.” Maybe you’d rather do a Christmas movie marathon with movies like “Elf” or “Jingle All The Way.” You could do a scary movie marathon, or even a summer movie marathon to remind you of warmer days. Include the family, invite friends over, or have a late night movie session by yourself. 

Baking and Cooking

There’s no better time to spend the whole day cooking and baking than when the temperature is cold. You can spend all day around a hot stove or warm oven and relish the warmth. Thankfully, winter time opens up a ton of fun winter foods to enjoy. This not only includes cookies and soups, but also the foods that are in season that can provide a fun challenge to your recipe choices. Some examples are apples, bananas, limes, pumpkins, and winter squash. This leaves a lot of room to make pies, soups, and bread with these fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can bake things for gift giving, to surprise your neighbors, or just to snack on in your own household as a reward for all of your hard work. 

Taking Up a New Hobby

There are hundreds of different hobbies you can do indoors this winter. You could knit, do puzzles, paint, etc. While you have a lot of time inside and away from the cold weather, consider using this time to take up a new hobby. While many others are hibernating and social events begin to slow down, you could find a new hobby that you love. Start slow and give yourself plenty of time to get through the learning curve. Think about the things you’ve always wanted to learn or the hobbies you admire that others enjoy. This is the time to learn those things and hone in on your craft. 

Outdoor winter activities are great. It’s the one time of year you can hit the slopes, do some winter hiking, or go sledding. However, sometimes you just want to spend your time hibernating with some cozy indoor fun instead. Winter has a way of ushering everyone inside, no matter how much you love the snow. If you’re having an indoor day and looking for something to do to stay cozy, consider some of these activities. You can stay by the fire, get warm in the tub, have a movie day, spend the day baking, or start a new hobby altogether. The outdoors are great, but the indoors are pretty great sometimes, too. 


Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

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