5 Fall Activities to do with Your Kids that You Won’t Hate


5 Fall Activities to do with Your Kids that You Won’t Hate 

There are only so many turkey hand crafts one can make with their children before they go completely insane. Rest assured there are more fun activities to do with your family when the seasons start to change that don’t only revolve around construction paper or trick-or-treating – not that trick-or-treating isn’t awesome. Stealing your children’s Twix candy bars is half the fun of Halloween. However, fall isn’t just about pumpkin carving and hay rides, there are many other fall activities that you and your family will enjoy that won’t leave you covered in pumpkin guts.

Go to a Football Game

With the start of fall comes the start of football season and parents everywhere rejoice! Whether it’s an NFL game, a college game, or a high school game, watching football is such a fun part of fall. You can tailgate with your kiddos, fill up their thermos’s with hot chocolate, wrap their faces with a scarf, and root for your team to score. Teach your little one’s which team you like and they will love being able to scream and yell with you. You and your spouse can have a beer and experience the game with your kids at an activity that everyone can enjoy.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Whether it’s a local show or a big artist you love, outdoor concerts are a great time for the adults and kids in your family. Indoor concerts are great too, but for kids who might not enjoy the loud acoustics of an indoor venue or sitting in one spot for an extended period of time, a casual outdoor show might be your best bet. Grab a blanket, a couple of chairs, a couple activities for your kiddos, and some drinks or snacks (if the venue allows it) and enjoy some live music. I love of music and music education in general is a beneficial for kids, so witnessing a live show should grab their attention easily. This way you can enjoy the show and your kiddos can enjoy the music and casual atmosphere where they are free to move around if they want to.

Go to a Corn Maze

A corn maze may seem like a stereotypical fall activity, which it is, but it’s also an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. The best activities are meant for children, keep them occupied, and have the freedom for parents to let go of the reins a little bit. Follow your little one around and watch them maneuver the maze, take photos of them with the corn stalks that make such a lovely fall background, and sip some apple cider while your kiddos find a pumpkin or pet a goat. There will be plenty of other kiddos around for yours to socialize with and you’ll have fun trying to navigate the maze yourself.

Make a Leaf Collection 

There are a ton of fall crafts that are fun for both you and your children. The pinecone bird feeder and caramel apple recipe are fun as well, but the leaf collection offers a more tangible craft that you can keep as a memory of your fall adventures. While you are searching for leaves, encourage your kids to rake up leaves and jump in the piles. Ask them to find the leaves they like the best, go on leaf hunts, or incorporate leaf hunting into other activities like walking the dog or playing at the park so it’s an activity your children can do for the entire season. Press the leaves, glue them to the page, and record who found it and where.

Watch Hocus Pocus 

Binx, a one eyed spell book, and the Sanderson sisters come together to make a movie that came out over 20 years ago but still entertains kids and adults alike. This movie is nostalgic, funny, and musical and is sure to captivate you as well as your children. Pick a cold weekend night, make a fort in the living room, make popcorn, have hot chocolate, and get the family together to watch this amazing movie. It’s also a nice break from watching Frozen for the 337834985th time this week, so enjoy a movie night that won’t involve Elsa or any talking snowmen.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin flavored everything. It’s a time of year when you can pack away the tank tops and bring out the cozy sweaters instead. You and your family can take advantage of the activities that the fall season can offer that everyone will enjoy, not just you and not just your kiddos. Find an activity that everyone can enjoy like attending a football game, experiencing an outdoor concert, exploring a corn maze, creating a leaf collection, or watching hocus pocus. Pumpkin carving and Halloween costume hunting is fun too, but it’s not the only fall activity for your family. At least it’s something to do until it’s time for cotton ball snowmen crafts and Christmas programs…






Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She is a shark enthusiast, enjoys wood burning, and loves out of date rock music. Follow her on Twitter!

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