5 Creative Ideas for Your Next Virtual Happy Hour


You’ve probably joined a few virtual happy hours since March. It’s a safe way to enjoy cocktails with your friends, co-workers and family. Why risk a night out at a busy bar when you can drink on your couch? That said, you can only handle so many Netflix movies and cheese boards. It’s time to take your video calls to another level.

Take a look at five ways to host a fun and memorable virtual happy hour.

1. Put Together a Book Club

There’s never been a better opportunity to crack open a book. Whether you want to read a classic or check out a new hit, it’s always fun to bond over whacky plotlines and characters. You’ll also be able to open your eyes to new topics and knowledge. Plus, you can maintain high cognitive abilities for much longer when you pick up a book rather than watch another “House Hunters” episode.

Pick a different book every other week. You could settle on various themes each month, like historical fiction or crime drama. You may want to rotate throughout your group so that everyone has a say. In any case, you should prepare a few questions to ask each other when you talk. Feel free to keep your discussion casual — but it’s a book club, so you should discuss its contents.

2. Invent a Signature Cocktail

If you only chat with your happy hour cohort for a short while, it’s essential to find simpler ways to bond. A competition to judge signature cocktails can spark a fun exchange while everyone drinks up. This idea shouldn’t require any preparation. As long as each attendee has their chosen alcohol and ingredients, they’ll be able to participate. There are a few ways to approach this activity.

You could ask everyone to demonstrate how to make their signature cocktail. This approach will be ideal if you want to drink your creations. But you may prefer a different take. Try an “everything but the kitchen sink” angle where each person uses leftover ingredients to make their own beverage. You could even have everyone draw from a hat to determine which elements they use.

How do vodka and mustard sound? This game can fuel a few laughs before you dive into another activity.

3. Decide on a Themed Party

A virtual happy hour can quickly turn into a party if you want to spend a few more hours with your friends. You can create a fun atmosphere through a theme! A Wild West celebration could involve cowboy hats, rye whiskey and “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” You could try a black-tie event that requires formal attire as you drink champagne and eat appetizers. Be as creative as you wish.

You may not want to use a theme for work-related calls. Your team may be close — but it’s still important to keep each conversation appropriate so that you maintain a professional atmosphere. Feel free to play a few games or try an icebreaker activity to keep your co-workers engaged. A silly costume shouldn’t be your first choice when you need to connect with colleagues.

4. Follow a Makeup Tutorial

You and your friends don’t have to be makeup experts to attempt wild looks. An online tutorial can help everyone master their technique — and provide entertainment while you sip on your favorite drinks. Tell your friends that you want to try this idea before you gather. They may need to buy a few items if they don’t typically do their own makeup. A little preparation makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Look online for videos on how to try new tricks for your eyeshadow and lips. You could also try to recreate specific makeup from your favorite movies. If your friend loves to show off crazy eyeliner and blush at parties, it’s time to ask them to show you how they achieve those looks. It’s likely been a while since you broke out your favorite glitter. Go ahead and grab it for this happy hour.

5. Walk Through a Museum

It’s probably not currently possible to visit your favorite art exhibit. That said, you can still explore different museums. Google’s Art and Culture initiative offers more than 500 tours at various global installations. Ask each attendee to choose their own location so that you can guide one another through specific displays. “Girl with a Pearl Earring” still looks beautiful over your computer screen.

Feel free to sip wine and eat cheese as you become more cultured. A museum tour may even lead to ideas about a future vacation. It’s always fun to think about what you’ll do once it’s safe for everyone to explore. You can also try this idea for specific cities. Hop onto Google Street View if you want to look around that quaint Italian city you’ve always wanted to visit.

Try These Suggestions to Make Your Virtual Happy Hour Even More Enjoyable

Your virtual happy hour doesn’t have to feature another romcom night. Try these creative suggestions for a fun and memorable experience.

Jennifer Landis
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