4 Great Ladies’ Nights In For The Holidays


We tend to think of the holiday season as a time for family, and to be sure one of the best things about it is being able to spend time with close relatives. But it’s also a great season to make more time for friends, and to that end nothing quite beats a ladies’ night in with Christmas lights on and the fireplace lit! If you feel inclined to work such a busy night into your schedule, here are 4 great ladies’ nights in for the holidays.

Christmas Movie Marathon

There’s really no better way to spend a ladies’ night in than by throwing on a bunch of Christmas movies, even if they wind up being background noise for your conversations. One fun way to do it is to have everyone come over in time for dinner (so with time for a long-ish night) and bring a favorite holiday film, and then try to get through as many of them as you can over the course of the night. Then again, if you want to make things a little more effortless, you can just go the streaming route. Just recently, Complex compiled a list of the top-10 Christmas movies on Netflix. Really, the recipe is simple: get some hot chocolate going, assemble your friends in cozy sweaters on comfy couches, and watch Christmas movies ’til you fall asleep.

Coloring & Crafting

I know, coloring sounds kind of ridiculous. But in case you haven’t noticed, adult coloring is a massive trend right now. Go to any bookstore in your area and it’s a good bet there will be a whole display of adult coloring books, and there have been numerous articles written about using such books for stress relief (which is often necessary during the holidays!). Having a few coloring books out is a nice way to perform a simple, mindless activity while hanging out with your friends. On the other hand, you could take things up a notch and go with a full crafting night, perhaps creating Christmas ornaments or small gifts for people. Any way you cut it, the holidays are a nice time for some casual group art projects.

Christmas Casino Night

For whatever reason, the idea of a “poker night” is usually thought of solely with regards to men, but the truth is a night of card games is a great way to just settle down with the girls as well. But adding a betting twist (perhaps gambling holiday candies instead of money?) also makes for an entertaining night. For that matter, it’s now pretty easy to take a home casino night to the next level by having a computer or two set up as well. Online casinos can essentially function as in-home slot machines or video poker platforms, and this time of the year, they tend to offer some intriguing perks. This season, Gala Bingo’s VIP section is running a champagne room and a “Yulette Bingo” holiday bonus, both of which are more fun to play with friends than alone.

Holiday De-Stressing Yoga

I’ve already mentioned coloring for de-stressing with friends during the holidays. However, if you want to get more physical about it and you have friends who are interested in yoga, an in-home group yoga night can be incredibly satisfying. That’s true in general, but making the time for some physical health and mental relaxation in the midst of the busy holiday season can be a great way to recharge while bonding with friends. And just to add a fun twist to the idea, you may want to take a look at IPWN’s Christmas yoga pants. Getting a pair for each of your friends means splurging a bit, but they’re great gifts and immediately add a holiday aspect to any ladies’ night yoga session.

Each of these ideas makes for a fun and cheerful holiday night with your girlfriends. And of course, since we previously shared a cocktail recipe for Halloween, it wouldn’t be a proper discussion about a Christmas ladies’ night if I didn’t also point you toward some delicious Christmas cocktails. Enjoy!

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