4 Appearance Modification Basics


Body modification is a process of changing our look. Some see it as a way to defy social norms, some as a form of self-expression. There are many ways we can change our appearance, but the most popular are piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic procedures. Sometimes, modifications are not that permanent and drastic: we can change our look by applying makeup, dyeing hair, and working out.

Face modifications

The world is full of men and women who dedicate their time and talent to making themselves and other people beautiful with makeup. Is there anyone who has never applied a coat of mascara or lipstick? However, people sometimes overdo it and wear too much makeup. Sometimes they never leave their homes without any makeup on. That way, they affect our self-esteem and lose too much time that can be used for something productive. You should find a balance and always know the difference between day and night makeup and not wear bold, night makeup to the office, for example.

Body alterations

Looking like a movie star is everyone’s dream. It requires a lot of work, and the results often are not as we expected. Keeping our bodies healthy by working out, doing the cardio and eating healthy is important. However, we often forget the reasonable proportion of these activities and overdo it. If you obsess over every calorie you eat during the day and spend hours in the gym without eating properly, you will be skinny, but you will also be more likely to develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders can take over your life, in which case you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

Body art and piercings

Tattoos and piercings are more and more common every day. In the past, they were considered a taboo, but not anymore. People sometimes don’t think too long before making a decision on getting a tattoo or piercing. The advantage of piercing is the fact that they can be simply removed. When it comes to tattoos. they are permanent, and the decision to get them can follow us for the rest of our lives. Luckily, technology and medicine upgraded. Nowadays we have improved laser tattoo removal possibilities. This way, people who regret having their tattoos can have them removed and in a way erase the past.

Plastic surgery

There are some things we are born with, that are unchangeable but are making us Unique. Such things are the volume of our lips or shape of our face. Influenced by unrealistic and uniform ideals of beauty, people often choose to go under the plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery can help us reinvent our outer selves and help us achieve the look we always wanted. However, it often comes with a price of a mental addiction. There are a lot of cases of people becoming addicted to cosmetic surgery. Many of them are even celebrities, who sometimes make an irreparable damage to their bodies.

No matter what is affecting you to decide to do any form of body and face modification, before you actually do it, you should take some time to think about it and analyse all the pros and cons. Don’t let the trends blind you and make you do something that you will later deeply regret. Believe in yourself and be sure to make the right choices that will leave you more self-conscious, healthy and pleased.

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