3 Ways To Love Everything & Regret Nothing


We saw some incredible art the other day. It was by the writer and artist Hunter Howell and it was so simple but so genius too. It was just a bunch of useless facts that had been given a stunning twist. But one of these pieces struck us and stuck with us. It said, apparently, when on their deathbed, the biggest regret people confess to is that they lived the life others expected of them instead of a life true to themselves. We’d never thought about like that, but it is absolutely spot on.

To lay there at the end of this party and have regrets must be horrible, but it must be avoidable too, which is why we need to start living each day like it could be our last. We don’t mean go and spend all your money or anything like that, but in terms of regrets, in terms of doing the things we wanted to do and leading the life we wanted to lead. Yes. And it is about time we started doing this now.

The Power Of Love

If you ask a kid what the meaning of life is, they’ll say happiness, and that is the fundamental emotion of love. So when you love someone, let them know. Let them know in words and actions. But most importantly, let them know. If you are still in love with your childhood sweetheart then text your ex back. If you are madly in love with your husband of 5 years then look at him now and tell him. Tell your family and friends too. It’s such a small word but the impact is massive.

Daydream Believer

Trying to live the life others expect of us has an impact on one thing and one thing only; our dreams. Don’t quit your dream, and don’t let others take that away from you. You may be able to silence the longings of your heart for a bit but not forever and that regret will finally swallow you whole. There is a story about John Lennon getting asked by his teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said ‘happy’. The teacher said, ‘John, i don’t think you have understood the question’ and he said, ‘Miss, I don’t think you have understood life’. Chase, chase and chase your dreams. This author did, he self-published when all publishers said no, and that book became a number one best-seller. It is possible.

Running The Risk

It is said that nothing great ever comes from comfort zones, and that is partially true. The way we see it, though, is nothing ever comes from comfort zones. You can’t achieve anything in life from living cautiously. So embrace the risks, even if they are small, even if they are minuscule, embrace a risk each day. Do one thing each day that scares you, and over time this new found step toward the riskier things in life will propel you into a fuller life. A life where you achieve more than you ever thought you could, a more gratifying life, and one that is miles away from regret.

Jamie Wozny

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