3 Tips to Making the Best of Spring
by Aurora Rodriguez

It’s April in a couple of weeks, which means warmer weather and spring is here! Living in South Florida, I am lucky to get the warm weather year-round, but there’s something to be said about Spring and the lovely weather that just adds a pep to my step and makes me feel cheerier than usual.

This year, I have decided to make the best of the beginning of Spring. Since last year work has been non-stop and the responsibilities keep piling on, so I wanted to make sure I tool some time to enjoy the beginning on the season. Want to make the best of the start of spring as well and then transition into summer with a smile? Here’s a look at some tips as to how I am making the best of this very special time of year.

1. Travel somewhere you’ve never been: I was lucky to score an affordable plane ticket to Atlanta, Georgia and can’t wait to travel there this weekend! I have found you can find pretty decent flights this time of year, so why not secure a visit to a friend and explore a city that you’ve never been to? I also secured a trip to New Orleans in May, another city I have always wanted to visit. There’s something just so special about going somewhere different and learning about the city’s culture that really excites me and I can’t wait to spend time with friends and enjoy my time in this great city. I recommend websites such as kayak.com for affordable flight deals. Plus, the weather this time of year is lovely…perfect time to travel!

 2. Have a fun spring fling with loved ones: Single or attached, spring is a time to fall in love all over again, let it be with your friends, your boyfriend, your husband or your family.  Let it be by spending time with good friends or by cooking a romantic dinner for your significant other, celebrate the beginning of this time of year with a smile and the best intentions and you’ll see that positivity will follow. Go on a date, prepare a spring brunch for girlfriends or family and celebrate the beginning of this lovely time of year with cheer. You’ll see that you’ll be greeting summer with a smile in no time.

3. Take time for yourself and explore: No matter where you live, spring weather means a goodbye to winter and a hello to warm weather and enjoying everything that comes with it. If you live close to a beach, go for a walk and a swim and enjoy the sunshine. Head to a local state park and indulge on the scenery. Explore a local museum or art installation. Have a great time seeing your surroundings from a new perspective and be thankful that winter is gone and sunshine is here to stay for a few months.

So, how do you celebrate spring? Tweet at me at @AuroraMiami and at us at @DirtyandThirty. Have a great start to the season!

Aurora Rodriguez

Aurora Rodriguez is the editor for Where South Florida magazine. She lives in sunny Miami, Florida. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she considers herself a tropical girl at heart. Her passions include champagne, pop music, her friends and her husband Sebastian.

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