3 Tips For Listening To Your Intuition

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Summertime is here and with it has come a time of reflection. While my life has changed a ton since 2016 hit, I have realized as the world has stopped spinning from everyday tasks and I take a well-deserved summer break, that I haven’t had a chance to reflect on everything that has happened to me…and it’s made me realize that in life, chances come and that we must embrace them in order to open doors towards our future. And, that’s quite the lesson that I have learned since January when I went from being a full-time journalist to a full-time teacher, a decision I am so thankful I made.

As I take the time to think, I realize that I am reaching a point of being at peace with myself and learning more and more about myself every day. While journalism and writing has and will always be in my blood, there’s something about taking a risk to follow a different path that has made me truly happy. While in the past I distracted myself with daily events and the hurry of a deadline, I didn’t take the time to really stop and listen to that inner voice that was telling me my future consisted of something else entirely.

While I appreciate every opportunity I’ve ever had, including that of being a busy editor in the past, nothing has ever compared to the end of the school year, to obtaining thank you cards from students and to realizing I am leading a path that was meant to be for me. I came into my current high school as a media teacher, and now I am training to be an English teacher…something I have always wanted to do…and I am thankful for the new opportunities that have come my way.

In the recent past, I never truly listened to my inner voice as much. Then, one day, I realized how super important it is to make changes and listen to yourself. Here’s three hints in your life that might lead you to acknowledging that it’s time to make a change and listen to that hunch that change must happen and it must happen soon.


Though I loved being a full-time writer, it became routine…and I had fallen in love with being a professor ever since I started teaching at Florida International University years ago but never gave myself a chance to pursue that dream. Once something becomes too much of a routine and you don’t grow from that experience anymore, it’s time to move on.


My husband Sebastian always told me he saw my potential and happiness at pursuing teaching. When someone who loves you and knows you well sees your potential, maybe there’s truth to the fact that something amazing is in the cards for you that you might not see just yet.


In the end, once you listen to that inner voice urging you to take risks, you’ll be surprised to see how fast your life changes. Once you let go of fear, everything else will follow. I did it and you can as well!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Are there any risks you’ve been dying to take? Let us know at @DirtyandThirty and let me know at @AuroraMiami. Happy summer of dreams!


Aurora Dominguez
Aurora Dominguez is currently a high-school teacher. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she will never regret the time she packed up three suitcases to move to sunny Miami, Florida to pursue her Master’s Degree in Mass Communications at Florida International University. Proud to be in her 30’s, Aurora loves meeting young minds when she teaches that are eager to learn the ever-changing wonders of today’s fast-paced world of journalism. Some of Aurora’s loves include writing, pop music, jeans and graphic tees, her friends, champagne and her husband Sebastian. She can be found gossiping over wine with her girlfriends, at a concert or enjoying days off with the hubby.

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