The 3 Things I Learned While Visiting New Orleans
by Aurora Rodriguez

There’s no better experience than the experience of travel. If there’s one thing in life you always take with you are your experiences, which is why lately I vowed to try to visit friends in places I have never been to. It’s just so fun to be somewhere new and really take on what a city has to offer!

This past weekend, my wandering spirit took me to New Orleans. I met Jenn Tormo at a journalism awards ceremony in Orlando and we clicked when we realized we were both editors and writers living in South Florida. Recently, she moved to pursue a great editing job in Baton Rouge and had always encouraged me to visit her in Louisiana, a place I had never been to. So, I bought my plane ticket a few months ago and decided to visit her this past May weekend and to be honest, I had a wonderful time and learned that in Louisiana, New Orleans has a lot of things to experience in a richly historic environment.


So, in the end, I learned there’s lots to do in this city. Below are the top three things I personally learned while exploring New Orleans with Jenn this past weekend. One thing’s for sure…you should all visit this unique city!

1. The French Quarter is a key spot to see: There’s nothing more beautiful than walking around the French Quarter and taking unique pictures of the richly historic buildings. Make sure to come by early and have a beignet at Cafe Du Monde and stroll around the center park to people-watch and take in the breeze of the nearby riverfront. Just make sure to make this your first stop since there’s usually a long line to get in the cafe/restaurant.
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2. New Orleans has a great dining and entertainment scene: For lunch, I was able to experience Grand Isle Restaurant, a great spot featuring fresh seafood and great cocktails. Don’t leave without trying the spot’s smoked fried oysters! For dinner, I had the chance to eat at Bourbon House, where a cajun shrimp dish stole my heart with its delectable spicy flavors. The restaurant has a very lively atmosphere and delicious seafood, so make sure to make it a stop when hungry! I also recommend sipping on their classic Sauzerac cocktail and then going for a stroll on Bourbon Street to Pat O’Brien’s for a Hurricane drink and live piano music inside it’s cozy piano bar. Make sure to make some requests and sing-along with friends!

3. It’s ok to get spooked!: While in New Orleans, make sure to take a ghost tour. My friend and I had a blast strolling all around the French Quarter and the different New Orleans downtown streets while listening to some spooky haunting and ghost stories that were part of the city’s Haunted History Tour. Our tour guide, Denise, was very knowledgeable so I recommend you ask for her if you decide to take this tour while in New Orleans. It was so good it gave me chills and I truly enjoyed learning more about the city’s rich history and ghost stories while taking a long walk. Make sure to wear comfy shoes! You will be doing a lot of walking.


In the end, I had such a great time in this weekend trip and can’t wait to go over there again! What are some of your favorite cities to visit? What have you learned from being there? Make sure to tweet at us at @DirtyandThirty and at me at @AuroraMiami. Happy traveling! There’s nothing better than experiencing a different city with friends.



Aurora Rodriguez

Aurora Rodriguez is a writer and editor based in South Florida. She lives in sunny Hollywood, Florida. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she considers herself a tropical girl at heart. Her passions include champagne, pop music, her friends and her husband Sebastian.

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