3 Steps to Fighting the Holiday Blues
by Aurora Rodriguez

After Thanksgiving, the holidays are quickly looming upon us and with them come fighting the New Year’s pressure and even the added pressure of making the holidays as perfect as they might be able to appear in our mind. Will we be able to give the dream gifts to loved ones? Live up to our own expectations of what a true holiday might be? Let’s just say around the end of the year, I get more of a case of the blues than ever and with time I have prepared a way to try to get through the stress of upcoming pressures as much as possible.

Below are my top three tried and true tips to getting through the holidays unscathed and while keeping my sanity intact in the process. While the holidays might be a time of joy, many get depressed at the overwhelming amount of responsibilities that come with the dawn of a new year. Keep these tips handy in case of emergency and find a way to battle the holiday blues.

1. Keep a planner: With the holidays come a variety of events and situations where we have to plan to go out and spend time with others. I have learned that the best way to plan for events is by scheduling everything in a personal planner, whether it may be on your phone or an agenda, and making sure you remind yourself of the dates and times when you have a commitment. This way, you won’t forget important dates and will be able to schedule time for everything that you have to do.

2. Avoid crowds: Yes, we want to purchase those perfect gifts, but will heading to the mall on a crowded Saturday afternoon make you feel any better during the holiday season? Chances are it won’t make you feel better. I recommend hitting shopping establishments on a weekday or even pursuing most of your shopping online so you can save the gas money and trip to the mall and keep yourself far away from anxiety-inducing battles at the store when you’re trying to purchase the perfect presents.

3. Surround yourself with love: Guys, let’s not forget what the holidays are most about, which is mainly the love and support of each other. Be thankful for those special people in your life and surround yourself with friends and family that care for you and want to see you happy. This time of year shouldn’t be all about material things or what you can purchase for each other, it should be about cherishing the time spent together as a family and friends. And that’s the greatest gift of all.

So how do you fight the holiday blues and stress? Feel free to respond and tweet at @AuroraMiami with your tips to get ready for this time of year. Happy holidays!





Aurora Rodriguez

Aurora Rodriguez is the editor for Where South Florida magazine. She lives in sunny Miami, Florida. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she considers herself a tropical girl at heart. Her passions include champagne, pop music, her friends and her husband Sebastian.

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