3 Reasons to Book a Cruise Getaway


Your parents have been on countless cruises and love them. Your BFF has raved about cruises, and so has your next-door neighbor. But for some reason, when it comes to taking a cruise, you balk at the idea.

Maybe you think this mode of travel is too expensive for your budget, or you’re trying to limit your sun exposure and figure all cruise liners end up at a beach. Whatever the reason, you haven’t taken the plunge.

Of course, there are any number of reasons why you should decide to take a cruise for your next vacation. Still need some ideas and inspiration? Consider the following ideas:

1. Cruises are Great for Families and Couples Alike

No matter the age of your kids, cruises are a great choice for a family vacation. In fact, plenty of programs and other fun are available for the kiddos, which can give you, the parents, some much-needed alone time.

Head out as a family on shore excursions and take part in as many on-board activities as you wish. For couples, cruises offer a great way to reconnect with your sweetie; you can hang out, relax on the chaise lounges by the pool, enjoy tasty meals together and watch the moon rise from the deck.

2. Your Stay is All-Inclusive

Typically, the most budget-busting parts of any vacation are hotel, meal and transportation costs. However, because cruises are all-inclusive, these are all included in the basic price for a cruise, which means you’ll have paid for just about everything before you board the boat.

Granted, there will be opportunities to spend more money on board and/or at ports of call, but overall, you can rest assured knowing you have already paid for most of your trip up front. Additionally, these all-inclusive prices mean it’s much easier to budget for the cruise ahead of time. In other words, you won’t have to guesstimate how much you’ll spend on meals and accommodations.

3. You Can Experience Countless Cities Up Close

While some cruises are brief and stop at one port of call, many others include opportunities to get off and explore numerous cities around the world.

And yes, although tropical cruises are popular, which will give you the chance to explore some of the prettiest beaches in the world, you can also choose cruises that go to England, Africa, Asia and other foreign countries.

Ports of call usually last for one day, which will give you ample time to explore each region and learn about the culture, people and cuisine of each stop.

Tips on Selecting a Cruise

With these and other options to consider when booking a cruise, it’s high time to get busy and choose your ideal getaway. Fortunately, you have tons of options when it comes to taking a cruise, including where and when you go and for how long.

For instance, if you prefer to skip the warm beaches for the amazing views of glaciers, booking one of the many cruises to Alaska is a great idea. You can select cruises varying in length from about a week to three weeks, as well as decide where to board the ship and how much you plan to spend.

Make sure to also look for any deals and specials on various cruise liner websites, so you can start budgeting for your vacation.

Give Cruising a Try — We Bet You’ll Be Back!

Cruises can be such a fun and affordable way to travel that, if you give one a try for your next vacation, you’ll likely become hooked on the experience. From offering great bonding experiences with your family and/or sweetie to letting you see the world for an all-inclusive price, cruising is an enjoyable way to get away from it all.

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