10 Ways to Avoid Germs at the Gym


Well, cold & flu season is upon us! Here are some ways to keep the germs at bay while you’re working on that HOT holiday BODY!

10 Ways to Avoid Germs at the Gym

1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after your workout.

2. Keep sanitizing wipes in your gym bag…some gyms have wipe dispensers, but it’s good to have your own in case.

3. Bring your own mat to the gym…who knows how often they get cleaned! Make sure to wipe yours down post-workout.

4. Wipe off shared equipment, even if they don’t look sweaty.

5. Avoid putting your hands on your eyes, nose, and mouth while at the gym. Push hair out of your face using the back of your palm…less contaminated.

6. Bring your own face towel. Yes gyms provide them, but many hands have probably touched those towels sitting at the front desk. Oh, and wash yours often!

7. Cover cuts, hangnails, and dry, cracked skin with Band-Aids- it reduces the risk of skin infection.

8. Avoid letting your bare feet touch the floor. If you’re doing Yoga or Pilates, try to stay on your mat or use socks. (Check out this link for the socks I use: http://shop.toesox.com/grip-socks-c12.aspx)

9. Bring a separate plastic bag for sweaty clothes (if your gym doesn’t provide them). Bacteria and fungus love sweat so don’t stay in them too long!

10. If you’re sick and contagious, stay out of the gym till you get better so you don’t spread germs yourself!  (Unfortunately, this applies to me right now!)

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