10 Things For Women to Expect in their 30’s


There is no turning back after you hit that 30-year mark. 30 used to be the flirty and 30 days, but as times change, so do our bodies. In fact, we now consider 30 the dirty 30’s. This is because so many changes happen wants you hit 30 that you aren’t sure if you fast forwarded to 60 or got hit by a bus.

Here’s 10 things to expect in your 30’s!

#1 Your Hair Starts Thinning

Yep, the ripe old age of 30 is that time where your hair starts to thin showing some of those receding hairlines. It is also the time where you might start seeing a few gray hairs. I mean let’s face it; life has been hard for the last 30 years.

#2 Your Bones Weaken

The maximum strength your bones will ever be is at 30. Once you hit 30, your bones no longer continue to thicken. In fact, you are at a greater risk for fractures and bone breaks after 30. So, drink your milk.

#4 You Gain Weight

If you have noticed that you can no longer lose weight like you used to or your packing a few extra pounds, it’s probably because you are 30. Once you hit 30, your metabolism starts slowing down. We all know a slow metabolism leads to weight gain, so take those vitamins and supplements ladies.

#5 Changes in Your Menstrual Cycle

Like it isn’t already bad enough that we have to bleed for 7 days every month. Now, at 30 we have to deal with hormone changes that can lead to irregular, heavier, or lighter periods. Really, you won’t know what to expect. Some women even start pre-menopause which is the stage before menopause.

#6 Your Eyesight Goes Down Hill

Even if you have never worn glasses before, it may be time to go get a eye exam. Once you hit 30, your eyes may start to lose focus, get tired, or develop nearsightedness or farsightedness. If you need to get glasses, you can buy them at kaioptics.com.

#7 You aren’t a Spring Chicken

Once you hit 30, you aren’t a spring chicken anymore, and you shouldn’t expect to look like one either. 30 is the time that you start to develop wrinkles, age a little more, and you begin to look like you guessed it…..30!

#8 Your Sex Drive Goes Down

If you aren’t feeling in the mood like you used to, don’t freak out. This is a normal part of the aging process. As your hormone levels change, your desire to get down and dirty decreases because you are becoming less fertile. Your bodies’ primary instinct is to make babies and when you can’t, the desire to have sex also can’t keep up.

#9 You Mellow Out

One of the nice things about 30 is that you just don’t care what people think, say, or do anymore. You aren’t so hot headed about things that once used to make your blood boil. Instead, you become more cool, calm, and collect.

#10 Going out is a Thing of the Past

Once you hit 30, just like your metabolism slows, so does your energy level. You won’t be going out to get drinks with your friends or staying up past 9pm. You will be exhausted. But, don’t get too upset because this is the time in your life where you are probably too busy taking care of kids to really care.

Are you 30? What changes have you experienced since turning 30? Share them in the comments below!

Cassie Brewer
Cassie is a women's health and beauty writer who enjoys writing for all ages. She aspires to open her own beauty boutique in Italy one day, and hopes you enjoy this article!

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