10 Things You Should Carry Everyday

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10 Things You Should Carry Everyday. Ladies everyday carry items are totally different from what men carry around. We are just like boys’ scouts – fully prepared for whatever.

The average woman carries with her a makeup bag, a wallet, and bag. Our EDC bags contain all our important essentials, even the stuff that we are not sure we would use.

In the spirit of preparedness, check-out our list of 10 everyday carry items that most women need.

1. Tissue

We cry when we’re sad and our eyes brim over when we’re happy. Some say women are a bundle of emotions. Carrying about emergency tissues is a necessity. They even come in handy when the weather gets harsh and you need help with the sniffles.

2. Makeup

Women always want to look great, at all times. But the reality is that makeup runs off and will require a touch-up from time to time. I’m not saying that you have to look like a Barbie doll, but if you need to look put together, your essentials like lipstick or mascara will come in handy when things get rough.

3. Deodorant

Women get very uncomfortable with body smell. So carrying a deodorant as an everyday carry is a sensible idea that could save you a lot of embarrassment.

4. Condoms

The fact that you carry condoms around does not mean that you have sex all the time. But if the occasion arises and your partner does not have a condom, then you could be a lifesaver when you bring one out of your purse.

5. Mints

Fresh breath is a number one priority for any woman who is conscious of her dental hygiene. This one is not just for women, but also for the guys. You should always have a mint, if for no other reason, but to give it to someone who has bad breath.

6. Medicine

Allergy medications, birth control, painkillers and much more are some of the medicines that people carry about with them. This should be part of your essential everyday carry especially if you have to sleep over at a friend’s apartment.

7. Chapsticks

It’s easier to keep your skin and hands moisturized. But protecting your lips from the elements is different. Chapsticks will help keep your lips soft far longer than your regular lip gloss.

8. Cash

You never know what could happen when you’re out an about. You should have cash with you at all times and a spare $20 hidden in a secret compartment in your wallet is a great way to be cash ready.

9. Phone charger

Running out of battery happens to the best of us. That is why you need to add a phone charger to the rest of your everyday essentials. There are compact chargers that can fit into any bag and keep you juiced up all day.

10. A book

Carrying a book with you is great because you might get bored during transit or you could even have problems falling asleep and need help. I know most people don’t read books anymore, but having one handy is necessary if you want to stay prepared.

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